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Prairielands Council Updates Archives for 2017-09

Scout Shop Open Today!

This is just a remidner that the Robeson Scout Shop is open today from 9am - 1pm. Also come on in and learn about your BeAScout Pin and Online Registration!

Fighting Illini Scout Camporee Registration Deadline

This is just a remidner that the Fighting Illini Scout camporee deadline for early registration of $35 is Friday! Sign up now by going to https://prairielands.tentaroo.com/ or to www.campdrake.com/fisc for more information!

BSA Announces Membership Fee / Insurance Increase

BSA Announces Membership Fee / Insurance Increase Effective December 1, 2017

To deliver the Scouting program to its 2.3 million youth members, it is occasionally necessary for the Boy Scouts of America to increase membership fees to offset rising costs. As a result, the BSA is increasing the membership fee to $33 for all registered Scouts and adult members effective December 1, 2017.


Membership fees support the services that are necessary to provide Scouting programs to a growing number of youth. Services include ongoing advances in technology, council visits to assist in fundraising, program development and membership campaigns, liability insurance costs, and administrative costs. It is important that we continue to maintain a strong financial position in the future to support and grow Scouting.


Even with the membership increase, Scouting remains an incredible value compared to other youth programs.


The Prairielands Council recognizes that the timing of this announcement may cause units to have to revisit their program budgets as the fee increase will impact the charter renewal process in January.

All of the membership and Boy’s Life fees are passed on to the Boy Scouts of America. The Prairielands Council does not keep any of those funds.  If you have any questions please contact your District Executive.

Online Popcorn Sales

Unit Commission Rate is 50%.  


Any Prairieland Scout or Scouts can sell, regardless of participation in the traditional sale.


Check out this FLYER for more information on how to sell online!

Volunteers Needed

Lincoln Trails Council is saddened to pass along the communication to all Lincoln Trails Council members of the passing of Eagle Scout Logan Palmer, US Navy Second Class Petty Officer. Petty Officer Palmer was killed as a result of the collision between the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer John S. McCain and the Liberian-flagged merchant vessel Alnic MC on Aug. 21. Plans for the memorial service are still in the planning stages due to the Navy’s involvement. In preparing for the services which are tentatively set for Sunday, September 10 and Monday, September 11th Troop 43, Mt. Zion, is working to provide patriot support for the family at this time. Please see the message below from Sue Montgomery, Troop 43 Assistant Scoutmaster and offer your Troop/Pack/Family help as available.


More details will be made available to our Scouts and their families when details are finalized.



Logan Palmer, US Navy Second Class Petty Officer, Macon County resident, Sangamon Valley School student, and Eagle Scout from Troop 43 in Mt. Zion, was killed during the crash of the Naval Destroyer USS McCain. As a way to honor Logan, Mr. Larry Eckhardt (the Flag man) will be bringing between 2000 and 2400 American Flags to the line the drive from the Life Foursquare Church to the Harristown Cemetery.


We will need between 100 and 200 volunteers to help put up and take down the flags.  


When:  Saturday, September 9, at 3pm  FLAGS UP

               Monday, September, 11 at 5pm  FLAGS DOWN


Where:  Meet in the parking lot of the Life Foursquare Church.  2954 W. Ash, Decatur.  At the junction of State Hwy 121 and I-72 on the West side of Decatur. Entrance is from Hwy 121.  


What we will need:

  1. Pickup trucks to haul flags (clean truck bed), cars to haul volunteers.
  2. One sledge hammer per vehicle.
  3. Scouts and leaders to be in Class B t-shirts.
  4. Gloves for working
  5. Safety vests are a good idea, but not required.
  6. Practical shoes or boots for long distance walking. 
  7. A water bottle per person.

Who:  Any Boy Scouts, Boy Scout Leaders, and Boy Scout parents, Cub Scouts*, Cub Scout Leaders and Cub Scout Parents.


*SAFETY:  We will be working within 10 to 15 feet of busy highways.  Any Cub Scout must be accompanied by their parents only and not the Pack leaders.  Please consider the Cub Scout’s maturity and knowledge to stay away from fast moving cars and trucks while the adults are busy with the flags.   OUR GOAL IS TO HONOR LOGAN, NOT TRANSPORT ANYONE TO THE HOSPITAL.

There will be 9-inch dirt punches provided.  The punch is pushed into the ground 9 inches deep (sometimes by pushing with a foot or hit with a sledge hammer), pulled out, and a flag pole put in the hole.  This will be physical work.  The flags will be placed approximately every 30 - 35 feet.  The flags will be posted on both sides of the roads from the Church to the Cemetery.  This is a distance of 7.5 miles one way.  Or 15 miles for both sides.  That's a lot of flags!!


We will need just as many volunteers to take down the flags after the Funeral. Please and Thank-you!!  


Please call or text me with the total number of volunteers per each Unit by Thursday 9pm.

Sue Montgomery - 217-864-4487 (Cell) or email :SueTroop43@Comcast.net


The US Navy has not yet finalized when they will be releasing Logan's body to come home, it may be Friday or Saturday, or maybe not.  This is very stressful for all concerned. So we are all at the mercy of the US Navy at Dover Air Force Base where all military casualties are taken and processed.


Please be patient and maybe flexible with the dates.


As soon as there is more news, it will be shared.  

This is to honor the Palmer Family and their son Logan who gave his life so we can live free.  


Friends in Scouting,
Susan Montgomery
Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 43