A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.

Board of Directors

Prairielands Council Strategic Plan


The Council Executive Board is elected each January at the Council Annual Business Meeting by the voting members of the council.  Elected to serve the 2022 term are:


Council Executive Committee


Garbrielle Martin, Council President; Champaign, IL

Dr. Jeffrey Brown, Executive Vice President; Champaign, IL

Vacant, Council Commissioner;

Dr. Randy Kangas Immediate Past President; Urbana, IL

Glen Semple, Council Treasurer; Champaign, IL

John Farney, Vice-President/Administration; Urbana, IL
Greg Knott, Vice-President/Finance; St. Joseph, IL
David Burns, Vice-President/Marketing; Champaign, IL
Paul Lang, Vice-President/Membership; Champaign, IL
John Marquardt, Vice-President/Program; Champaign, IL
Alyx Parker, Vice-President/Properties; Champaign, IL
Vacant, Vice-President/ScoutReach;
Jared White, Secretary/Scout Executive/CEO; Savoy, IL


Executive Board Members-at-Large


Dr. Linda Atherton, Champaign, IL

Nolan Atkins, Champaign, IL

Jim Ayers, Monticello, IL

Dustin Boyer, Champaign, IL

Lee Cleary, Champaign, IL

John Frauenhoffer, Champaign, IL

Mark Hoagland, Vedersburg IN

Eric Roth, Order of the Arrow Youth Representative; St. Joseph, IL

Jim Lee, Tuscola, IL

Jeff Livesay, St. Joseph, IL

Eric Meyer, Champaign, IL

Scott Moe, Champaign, IL

Flint Pellet, Urbana, IL

James Quisenberry, Urbana, IL

Wayne Weber, Champaign, IL

Jason Whaling, Oakwood, IL


Advisory Board Members

Steve Carter, Champaign, IL

John Dudley, Champaign, IL

Dr. Robert Ewbank, Danville, IL

Fred Faulstich, Danville, IL

Jack Jones, Rantoul, IL

Ellen Kuchenbrod, Tolono, IL

Ralph Kuchenbrod, Tolono, IL

Tony Martin, Champaign, IL

Steve Setzler, Champaign, IL


Upcoming Executive Board Meetings