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Prairielands Training College

Prairielands Training College


Prairielands Training  College will be taking place on Saturday, February 10th, 2024.  The event will take place at St. Matthew Lutheran Church located at 2200 Philo Rd #8002, Urbana, IL 61802.  

Opening flag ceremony will start at 8:30AM with the classes starting at 9AM and finishing by 3:15PM.  The cost for the event is $20 and will include lunch.    

Register here for PTC:  https://prairielands.tentaroo.com/PTC

Click here for the class schedule:  2024 PTC Class Schedule

Sessions for Prairielands Training Council


Cub Range Master Training with Tony Martin 2 hour course

Cub Scout Annual Planning with David Tskuno 1 hour course

This Cub Session Goes to 11! with Jeremy Yohnka 1 hour course

Cub Master Best Practices/Den Leader Best Practices with David Tskuno                 30 min for each session


Scoutmaster Specific Training with James Quisenberry 2 hour course

Service Projects Around the Year with Marguerite Bailey          1 hour course

Conservation Projects for Troops with Jamie Ellis                      1 hour course

Geocaching with Scouts with James Quisenberry                        1 hour course

Committee Management for Troops with Jamie Ellis                  1 hour course

Path To Eagle with Bob C 1 hour course

Eagle Projects 101 with Bob C 1 hour course


Backpacking on A Budget with Levi Mariott 1 hour course

Venturing 101 with Gabrielle Martin                                            1 hour course

Discovering Illinois Native Plants on the Trail  with David Drag  1 hour course


Dutch Oven Cooking and Menu Planning with Jill Quisenberry & Corey Betka                  2 hour course

CPR Training with Gabrielle Martin    ($15 registration fee)          2 hour course

Using the BSA STEM Trailer at Your Scouting Event 1 hour course with Josh Kittle     

Knot Your Average Session with Dakorie McElhaney 1 hour course

Lashings Don’t Have to Be Hard  with Dakorie McElhaney  1 hour course 

Scout Gear Trading Post – During the PTC, there will be an opportunity to trade scout items in the Fellowship Hall of the Church.  Bring camping gear, cooking gear, uniforms, cub and scout paraphernalia that is in good condition to share and trade with other scout leaders.  Take what you will use, leave what you are no longer needing.  Optional freewill donations will go to Prairielands Council for Camp Drake.

Cubmaster Range Training - Join Tony Martin as he prepares cub masters for activities with BBGuns, Archery, and Sling Shots.  This training is required if you are going to host Cub Range Activities with your Pack.

Cub Scout Annual Planning - Join David Tskuno as he shares the year in Cub Scout planning and how to build a calendar of activities.  Great for Committee members and Cub masters.

This Cub Session Goes to 11! -  Jeremy Yohnka shares high energy, high engagement activities for packs! Don’t miss it!

Cub Master Best Practices/Den Leader Best Practices -  David Tskuno leads two, 30 minute sessions designed to update cub leaders on the latest Cub Scouting practices for both Pack meetings and Den meetings.

Scoutmaster Specific Training -  James Quisenberry leads in-person training for how to lead a Scout Unit.  Leaders need this training to be a trained adult leader for a scout troop.

Service Projects Around the Year - Marguerite Bailey will help scout leaders plan a year’s worth of service projects for their troops.

Conservation Projects for Troops - Jamie Ellis will outline the essential planning needed to design and complete conservation projects for scouting advancement.  

Geocaching with Scouts - James Quisenberry will teach the basics of finding and hiding geocaches.  Geocaching is an excellent way to introduce scouts to maps and using GPS to navigate.

Committee Management for Troops - Jamie Ellis will share tips to help strengthen your troop committee meetings.  He will share the importance of the agenda, calendar, and communication tools with your troop committee and scouting families.

Path to Eagle (Supporting Scouts from Life to Eagle)-  Bob Cylcowski  will outline important details for scoutmasters and committee chairs as scouts move from Life to Eagle in Prairielands Council.

Eagle Projects 101 - Bob Cylkowski will share important information needed for proposing Eagle Projects in Prairielands Council.

Backpacking on A Budget  - Levi Mariott will share great ways to outfit your scouts (or yourself) without breaking the bank or wasting space and adding extra weight.

Venturing 101 - Gabrielle Martin shares the most up to date information about Venturing in our Council.  Geared toward high adventure and youth led scouting, Venturing is the next step for scouts who want to take it higher.

Discovering Illinois Native Plants on the Trail - David Drag shares his knowledge of Illinois flora so scouters can be ready to identify plants with their scouts on hikes and campouts.

Dutch Oven Cooking and Menu Planning - Jill Quisenberry leads a hands-on demonstration of outdoor cooking skills with cast iron.  There will be an outdoor segment and a classroom segment for meal planning with your Pack or Troop.  You will leave with a Dutch Oven cookbook written by Corey Betka. (This session is useful for Pack and Troop leaders)

CPR Certification - Gabrielle Martin    ($15 extra registration fee) Get certified in CPR.  A must for any Scouting activity.  This course includes the book, certificate, and a mask to put in a key chain.  Class size is limited.

Using the BSA STEM Trailer at Your Scouting Event - Andy Robinson will lead a “show and try it” session with the equipment and materials in the BSA STEM Trailer.  Adults will get to try out the activities and familiarize themselves with equipment so they can host the STEM Trailer at scouting events.

Knot Your Average Session - Dakorie McElhaney teaches scouters the basic knots and some fun decorative knots to make you a true knothead!

Lashings Don’t Have to Be Hard Anymore! -  Dakorie McElhaney leads instruction in basic lashings required to reach First Class rank.  If you are doing camp gadgets or pioneering projects with your pack or troop, these are a must.  


Prairielands Training College fee is $20.  This covers lunch and patch.

Lunch is included with your fees.  We will have a box lunch with sandwich, chips, fruit, and a dessert.  You will pick your sandwich when you register on Tentaroo.

There is a $15 fee for CPR Training to cover certificate, workbook, and keychain mask.

There is a $5 fee for Dutch Oven Cooking Class to cover grocery costs. You will be able to eat what is cooked at the class.