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Seabadge Spring 2021

Seabadge is an advanced leadership development experience open to anyone at least 18 years old, registered in any capacity, either youth or adult, in the Boy Scouts of America or in its supporting organizations.


Seabadge Course - SB - 64 - IL - 2021


Seabadge is a participatory experience. There will be intense involvement of the participants and faculty in seminars, workshops, role playing, discussions and activities. Teams of participants will complete and present a project developed during the course to their peers and the faculty.


After you register, you will also be required submit an application to attend Seabadge. For an application, or for more information or questions, please contact the Seabadge Course Director, Jim Dieker, by email at jdieker@sbcglobal.net at or call cell 217.649.8822.


Please refer to the general information below:





The course starts at 9:00 AM EST on Friday April 16, 2021
The course concludes before 6:00 PM EST on Sunday April 18, 2021


In addition to the above course time, there will will be 2 pre-course crew meetings that will be required for the partipant to complete as the participants schedule allows.


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