A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.

Prairielands Council Scoutreach

What is Scoutreach?


  • The Scoutreach Initiative program is a division of BSA that gives special leadership and emphasis to urban and rural Scouting program.  Scoutreach is BSA’s commitment to making sure that all young people have the opportunity to join Scouting regardless of the circumstances, neighborhood or ethnic background.
  • Our biggest asset is a well-defined program based on values, learning by-doing, fun and positive role models.
  • Here at Prairielands Council Scoutreach serves just over 751 youth,that make up 20% of our Council total youth membership.
  • We currently have 21 Packs, 8 Troops and 3 Crews.
  • Scoutreach has 20 partnerships (see attached list) 
  • Scoutreach has produced 42 Eagle Scouts.
  • Scoutreach youth have raised over $2,700.00 in baby supplies for Crisis Nursery and Women’s Safe House.
  • Scoutreach youth have volunteered for 10 years straight to put flags out on Memorial Day at Eastlawn Cemetery for Veterans.




Scoutreach Partnerships


Thomas Paine Elementary, Pack 1801

Rantoul Multicultural Center, Pack 1126 & Troop 1126

Rantoul Youth Center, Pack 1306

International Prep Academy, Pack 1605

Garden Hills Elementary, Pack 2001

Shadowwood Mobile Homes, Pack 19 & Troop 19

DREAAMHOUSE After School Program (BTW Elementary) Pack 606

Stratton Elementary, Pack 304

Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club, Pack 201

King PTA After School Program, Pack 199

Yankee Ridge Elementary, Pack 165

Dr. Preston Williams Elementary, Pack 124

Alpha Phi Omega (University of Illinois), Crew 2020

Urban Enrichment (Urbana), Crew 1002

Canaan Baptist Church, Pack 402, Troop 402, Crew 402

Pilgrim Baptist Church, Pack 1310, Troop 1310

Rantoul School District, Pack 500, Pack 1649, Troop 900

DREAAMHOUSE (Rantoul), Pack 400

DREAAMHOUSE (Franklin Middle School), Troop 817

Urbana Neighborhood Connection, Pack 1401, Troop 1401

Danville Boys and Girls Club, Pack 360, Troop 360