Prairielands Council Updates

Founders Award to Honor Arrowmen

One of the highlight moments of the 2019 Illini Lodge Winter Banquet was the acknowledgement of the long term Order of the Arrow efforts of Kacey Clarkston Troop 234 in Westville  and Bobby Butler of Troop 25 in Mahomet.  Both Arrowmen have been active in Illini Lodge events and service throughout their Scouting careers.   The Founder’s Award is a national OA honor in remembrance of E. Urner Goodman, who started the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service in 1915.    Congratulations Bobby and Kacy!


Exclusive Illini Lodge Honor

Each year at the Illini Lodge Winter Banquet, dedicated Arrowmen are distinguished with the Ken Frederick Award.  This honor was created in commemoration of a dedicated Scouter and Arrowman from Troop 55 in Tolono.  The award is presented to youth and adult arrowmen for their hard work for the lodge during the past year.  The recipients of the Ken Frederick Award are Kenny Clarkston of Troop 234 in Westville and Kent McMahan of Troop 32 in Paxton.


New Lodge Chief and Officers Inducted for 2019

The pinnacle spectacle of the 2019 Illini Lodge Winter banquet was the induction of new Lodge Chief Ben Hoogstraat .   Using the long-standing chief confirmation ceremony, Ben accepted the responsibilities for the lodge operations for 2019 as he accepted the tomahawk and pipe.  The new chief then inducted the officers for the upcoming year:   Ryan Henderson as the Vice- Chief of Administration,  Sam Hoogstraat as the Vice- Chief of Activities, Kyle McGregor as the Vice- Chief of Inductions , Clayton McConnell as the Lodge Secretary, and Ethan Richards as the Lodge Treasurer.  Best wishes for the new chief and the officers for a great year in the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service.


Trophy for Top O.A. Troop

Congratulations to Troop 25 of Mahomet, IL for earning the 2019 Illini Lodge Table Top Trophy.   Troop 25 had the top total number of arrowmen and their guests with paid registration by noon on Friday, January 4, 2019. The runner – up units were Troop 234 of Westville and Troop 158 of Clifton.  The honor of the fabulous Table Top Trophy was announced at the 2018 Winter Banquet at the Beef House in Covington, IN on January 6th, 2018.


Lodge Donates $1,000 to Prairielands Council

Illini Lodge contributed $1,000 to the Prairielands Council Endowment Fund at the Order of the Arrow Winter Banquet at the Beef House in Covington, IN on January 6th, 2018.   The Brotherhood of Cheerful Service presented a James E. West Fellowship to Philip Wachter, in honor of his servant leadership to Scouting. In addition to recognizing Philip for his service to the lodge and Camp Drake,   the donation to the Endowment Fund will support the council with long-term financial support.