Prairielands Council Updates



As one of America’s leading youth-serving organizations, we aim to bring the benefits of Scouting to the greatest number of youth possible—all while remaining true to our mission and core values, outlined in the Scout Oath and Law.


As we think about the future, we are interested in gaining your perspective as a member of the Scouting Community.  Please join us for a discussion at 6:30pm (Thursday, August 10th at Danville First United Methodist Church, 1400 N. Vermilion St. or Thursday, August 17th at Illinois Fire Service Institute, 11 Gerty Dr., Champaign) As we continue the important conversation about how to make Scouting more accessible to today’s families.


I look forward to speaking with you in August. 


Thank you for everything you do to make Scouting a pivotal part of our community.


Yours in Scouting,


Gay Martin

Council Commissioner