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Scouts will still be able to participate in outdoor merit badges from Camp Robert Drake counselors this summer. Volunteers and staff will be providing a two- part instructional program for all Scouts BSA members. Each badge will consist of an indoor session on-line using a computer platform at home. This will have a follow up component with an outdoor session to be scheduled for later in the summer or early fall. Indoor sessions will be organized for June and July in a variety of camp program areas. When the COVID-19 restrictions allow, outdoor sessions will be scheduled for Scouts to attend Camp Drake and complete the needed requirements in person. Scheduling details will be shared in a CYBER DRAKE catalog by June 12. Scouts BSA members will be able to select four merit badges to earn during CYBER DRAKE.

The Outdoor Sessions will be based on each badge, such as shooting skills, arrow making, and craft skills. The outdoor requirements will be targeted for completion for each badge on the camp visit.

 Plus, participation in a virtual campfire program, on-line Rainbow Rock, and more. Scouts BSA members who attend CYBER DRAKE will receive a commemorative patch, a camp cup, and added BSA souvenirs. The Camp Drake Trading Post will be open during the outdoor session. Click here for more information about DRAKE LIVE.

 REGISTRATION DETAILS: Two weeks of CYBER DRAKE options will be conducted in June and July. Merit badge sessions will be offered from June 29 to July 2 and from July 6 to 9, 2020. Scouts will be able to select up to six badges during that timeframe. A catalog of choices for Scouts to review will be published by June 12. The virtual Closing Campfire will be conducted on Friday, July 10. The fee for CYBER DRAKE will be $100.00 per youth. The registration deadline will be Friday, June 26.


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