Prairielands Council Updates

Registration Information

On Time Fee: $15 per Scout if paid before  Thursday January 24th 2019

Late Fee: $20 per Scout on or after January 24th 2019

Cub Scout Fee: $0 if attending with a Troop


Registration can be done by going to or going to  and clicking on “Tentaroo Online Registration” All fees are non-refundable.


Campsite Reservations

All campsites are on a first come first serve and may be reserved at the Scout Office by calling Susan Coller at 217-531-0219 or emailing at



Please be careful on the township roads that can be very slick on your way to camp.   The western option (Camp Drake Road) is usually okay on the hills but tricky on the sharp turns.  A better option is the straight and flat road to the south from Camp Drake, turning off of the Catlin-Homer Road.  Upon arrival at Camp Drake, please check in at the Training Center for up to date news on the Klondike operations.



A Saturday Morning Breakfast will be served! Pancakes and Sausage! It is a free will donation style breakfast! Served from 7:30 AM till 8:30 AM .  All the overnight campers are encouraged to attend.   Plus the Saturday travelers have a good reason to show up early.   Warm your tummy for the big event. 


Klondike Derby Action List

The gear required to explore the 2019 Klondike Derby has been distributed.  .  Look for the list on the website to help solve the events for the competition at the big challenge on Saturday, January 26, 2019 on the banks of the Salt Fork!


Klondike Dutch Oven Chili Cook Off

Open to all Units camping Out Saturday Night of the Klondike Derby.  Please bring your Chili in your Dutch Oven to the Mess Hall at 6:30 PM .  A decorated  Panel of Judges will decide the winner.  THE UNIT CHOSEN AS THE WINNERS GETS A BRAND NEW DUTCH OVEN !


Klondike Service

In fine Klondike Derby tradition, lodge members have been asked to serve at the council winter challenge at Camp Robert Drake on January 26, 2019.  The lodge’s very own Vice-Chief of Activities Sam Hoogstraat will provide leadership to the lodge’s support of the largest single day event in the council


Klondike Derby Sled Race

As the starter yells “GO!” , the reins are tighten and the sled jump forward, racing down the plateau in a flying fury of boots, gloves, and snow.  The annual Klondike Derby sled race is the greatest sporting competition of the Prairielands Council winter event.  Don’t miss the Klondike fun at Camp Drake on Saturday, January 26. 


Pan of Gold Trophy

The patrol with the highest score at the Prairielands Council Klondike Derby is awarded the “Pan of Gold Trophy”, an actual gold miner’s pan, marked with the history of the past winning patrols through the years.  It takes quality leadership, strong teamwork, plus excellent Scouting skills and knowledge to earn the top honors amongst the 50 other Scouting patrols competing in the event.    The young men who earn the “Pan of Gold Trophy” exhibit the best talents for winter preparedness, complicated problem-solving, and team spirit.



If you think the Lombardi Trophy is the ultimate prize in all of sport, then you are sadly mistaken.   The Yukon Jack Plaque is the most coveted honor in the sporting field, awarded to the fasted sled racing team at the Prairielands Council’s annual Klondike Derby.  On the Camp Drake plateau, see the race on Saturday, Jan. 26, on the field where legends get trampled.


Platinum Award for Troops

The Program Wing of the Prairielands Council Camping Committee is planning to reward troops and their leadership in the recruiting and registering of Camp Drake campers in 2019.  The PLATINUM AWARD will recognize troop leadership in encouraging an increased level of summer camp attendance.  The goal for each troop is to increase the attendance level of Boy Scouts at Camp Drake in 2019.   Each troop will receive a personalized goal for their troop’s attendance at summer camp “on the banks of the Salt Fork”.  



The 2019 Golden Camp Cups will be handed out to all Scouts planning to attend week-long resident camp this summer.  Bring your Golden Camp Cup to the banks of the Salt Fork in June or July to receive surprises inside your vessel.   Contact Illini Lodge to join the cup craze!


Summer Previewed at Klondike Derby

During the PENGUIN MARCH excursion at the Klondike Derby, Boy Scout program highlights will be featured for Camp Drake 2019.  Illini arrowmen will be serving up summer camp program information, along with a special feature on activities.  This sneak peek into the 2019 summer   will offer advancement details, Vermilion TreX options, and mighty night highlights.


Camp Staff Interviews

Any registered Scout, older than age 14 on June 1, 2019, can apply to be a Counselor in Training. Camp Robert Drake is looking for energetic youth to serve as future paid counselors to learn the duties during the 2019 summer. Interviews are scheduled for this Saturday at the Klondike Derby.  E-mail at  to RSVP