Prairielands Council Updates

Check out our Program Infographic, Scoutingwire article, and important key points below for all the updated information to what's happening in the BSA program.



Program Infographic

Scoutingwire Article Link



Below are some well thought out points from one of our great volunteers:


1 - The name of the organization is not changing. It will continue to be called "Boy Scouts of America".


2 - The name of one (out of 6) of our programs is changing from "Boy Scouting" to "Scouts BSA" to reflect the fact that young females will be allowed to join beginning February 1, 2019.


3 - Beginning February 1, 2019 in the Scouts BSA program girls and boys will be members of separate, girls-only or boys-only troops.


4 - Chartered Organizations (religious institutions and other community groups that sponsor individual troops) can choose whether to sponsor a male troop, a female troop, both, or neither.


5 - Young men and women have been successfully meeting, hiking, climbing, paddling, and camping together in co-ed groups within the Boy Scouts of America for the last 20 years through the Venturing program. Prior to that there was Coed High Adventure Exploring since 1971.