Virtual Scouting At Home

Prairielands Council Virtual Merit Badge Seminars

Update from our Scout Executive



Prairielands Family,


As many of you have heard the Governor is putting us into Phase 3 at the end of May. That means that our office will open on Monday, June 1, 2020. Our staff will be wearing masks and our office will be cleaned and sanitized daily.


We will be taking the following precautions:


  • Please call to make appointments if you would like to meet with a staff member.
  • We will only be allowing 5 visitors in the office at a time.
  • We will be allowing curbside pickup for any customers who do not want to come and pick out their items in our Scout Shop.
  • We will abide by social distancing guidelines while operating.


Thanks you so very much for your dedication to our program and helping us keep everyone safe!


Yours in Scouting,


Jared White

Scout Executive



Merit Badge Skill Centers



We will be taking the week off from our Merit Badge Skill Centers this week and resuming them the week of June 1st. We will only be doing 1 per week throughout the summer as there will be many opportunities for folks to earn merit badges during the summer months.



Registration Increases and a Town Hall Meeting



This week we were given some news from the National BSA concerning an increase in the membership fees. At the BSA National Meeting this week they rolled out a membership increase for August of 2020. Rather than releasing details here in the post, we would like to have a town hall with leaders who would like to talk about this issue.

The town hall will be held this Wednesday, May 27th at 6PM. You can sign up for the meeting here and a link will be emailed to you by 4PM the day of the event:



Cub Scout Advancement Ideas




King of the Jungle: (1) Participate in a flag ceremony with your den. (2) Explain what it means to be a good citizen. (3)Explain what it means to be a leader.



Council Fire: (1) With your family, participate in a flag ceremony and learn how to properly care and fold the flag. (3) With your parent or guardian’s permission, talk to a military veteran, law enforcement officer, member of the fire department, or someone else approved by your Den Leader. Talk about his or her service to the community or country. After you have visited with the individual, write a short thank-you note.



Paws for Action: (1) Learn about our nation's flag. Display it at home for one month. Say the Pledge of Allegiance and learn its meaning.


Arrow of Light

Building a Better World: (1) Explain the history of the United States flag. Show how to properly display the flag in public, and help lead a flag ceremony. (2) Learn about and describe your rights and duties as a citizen, and explain what it means to be loyal to your country.

n meeting place.



Activity Ideas




·    Place an American Flag in your front lawn, porch or window. 


·    Write a letter to a veteran, thanking them for their service.


·    Learn about the history of Memorial Day and how it started: 


·    Did you know? Some people wear a red poppy in remembrance of those fallen in war—a tradition that began with a World War I poem


·    Make your own poppy for remembrance using this YouTube link: 


·    Visit a veteran’s cemetery or memorial - keep safe social distance. Place a small America Flag or flowers on the grave, if possible.

·    Write a poem about what duty to country means to you. Share with us on a video!

·    Learn how to retire an American Flag: 


·    Say the Pledge of Allegiance and talk with an adult about what it means. 




Unit Leader Training



Leaders! Is your youth protection training up to date? Have you completed all of the training for your position? Why not take advantage of this time to get caught up on your own training. Your account has access to several training courses that will help make you a better leader. Most course modules are less than 15 minutes, so while you are enjoying that afternoon coffee break, go through a course or two. Before you know it, you will be a fully trained leader and ready to sew another patch on the uniform.