Congratulations Sea Scouts!

Ship 1015 was recently selected as part of the 2018 National Flagship Fleet indicating that they have one of the Top Ten Sea Scout programs in the USA.

Curt Ware is the Committee Chairman and Chartered Organization Representative.


New Youth Protection Training due by October 1

The BSA has rolled out a new, more intensive YPT that all volunteers must complete by Oct 1, 2018.  Go to the and see unit resources at the bottom of the home page to take YPT2.

The training has several modules and each module must be completed before breaking.


Cub Scouts: Learn about recycling and how to help the environment

See the attached flyer about a day camp at University of Illinois on Sunday, April 22nd.


Invitation to Participate in Two Studies at University of Illinois:


  1. Middle School Transition Project: Your 5th grade student and parents
  2. Interpersonal Stress Community: Your Middle School student and parents


Please see the for more information and possible remuneration for participation.


Adult Adventure Weekend at The Summit, Beckley, West Virginia

--Ride zip lines, climb rocks, ride bikes, fish, and experience all the adventure!

See for more info.


On-line Training Required

Important informational training courses are offered on-line for all program levels within the Boy Scouts of America.  Web-based Training for any Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing leader is the most convenient method of training all leaders can take.  Many courses are online courses that are very short and are available through the BSA Web site.  The Youth Protection course is required for all Scouting positions. There is also a Hazardous Weather training to help keep your outings safe. The link to MyScouting for the Boy Scouts of America on-line training center website is .  You will need to set up an account in the on-line learning center by using your identification number of your BSA membership card.  If you cannot find your BSA membership card, contact Susan Coller at (217) 356-7291, ext. 6441.


Day Camps are coming up  starting June 1st  for all Cub Scouts including girls and this year’s theme is “Weird Science”!!  Sign up for one or all three, the excitement and fun in the sun is just around the corner!! The deadline to pay the low cost of $40.00 is May 18th, after that the late charge is applied, so get with your Pack Unit Day Camp Coordinator .  For more information contact Day Camp Advisor Lovetta Ash-Simpson at 217 531-0217 or email;


ATTENTION ALL SCOUTS & SCOUTERS:  The Day Camp Craft Directors are looking for used candles, ALL TYPES for a really cool craft project, please stop by the Scout Shop anytime between 9:00-6:00 Monday – Friday and drop them in the recycle candle box.  WE THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!




Prairie Fire District Camporee THANKS

Thank you to all who attended the Prairie Fire District Rendezvous this weekend! The fabulous weather helped make  for a perfect weekend to camp at fabulous Camp Drake. The District would like to give a big THANK YOU to all of Crew 25, and all of the volunteers who helped run events and make the weekend a success! The weekend wouldn’t have been a success without your efforts! If you didn’t make it out, we highly recommend attending the Many Trails Camporee on May 18-20  at Kennekuk County Park! More info at


Spring Recruitment (Cub Scouts AND Boy Scouts)

With school still in session it’s time to recruit before it’s too late! To schedule a Scout talk, please email or or call 217-356-7291! If you are needing materials such as yard signs, posters, or flyers, go to to fill out our Recruitment Tools Order Form.


Court of Honor Dates

Please make sure that your District Executive knows about your upcoming Court of Honors, to give the 2018 Friends of Scouting campaign presentation. In addition, Court of Honors are important to the aims of Scouting by providing a definite, formal and meaningful recognition of what our Scouts have achieved. We encourage ALL Troops to conduct at least one Court of Honor.  




Camporee for all in May

The weather is getting better.  Learn how to build and use a new fire cooking stoves. Learn to make useful camping gear from ordinary supplies! The 2018 Many Trails Spring Camporee will be held on the weekend of May 18-20 where Scouting events are planned at the Kennekuk Cove County Park near Danville.




Fifth Grade Scout Camp Fees Discount

An exemption from the normal camp fee deadline will be allowed for new Boy Scouts.  Any new boy joining your troop in the spring will be held to a later deadline.  Now is a great time to invite boys of any age to enjoy the excitement of summer camp. Please submit your crossover Scouts to Susan at or 217-531-0219 to receive the discount!


Summer Camp Food Requirements

Do members of your summer camp contingency to Camp Robert Drake have any Special Dietary needs? We want to help, but you need to tell us!! Email Mike Graham AFTER fees are paid but more than 3 weeks before camp.  The Camp Kitchen may not be able to accommodate special dietary needs that are not shared in advance to  due to the camp's food delivery schedule and staffing plan. 


Great Leader Opportunity at Camp Drake

For adult leaders attending Camp Drake, Leadership Training courses will be offered on Tuesdays throughout the summer.  Plan to take advantage each week of the summer camp season to benefit from a great opportunity at Camp Robert Drake


Holiday Family Camping Weekend

All Scouts and Scouting family members are invited to enjoy Memorial Day Weekend at Camp Robert Drake this summer.  Experience a woodland retreat away and get back to nature.  Families can enjoy the facilities at Camp Drake at their own pace. 




Adventure Camp Deadline Change:

To accommodate Cub Campers attending the 2018 “Cubs on the High Seas” Cub Scout Adventure Camp, the next fee deadline for both youth and adult registration has been altered from April 20 to Friday, May 18.   Please have your full fees paid at that time for your fun “on the banks of the Salt Fork” at Cub Scout Adventure Camp.


Family Fun Fest

The last weekend of July is set up for a fun family campout at Camp Robert Drake.  All age levels will be able to enjoy the outdoor events.   Look for the registration materials at


Summertime Pack Award – Keep it Simple…Make It Fun

Catch the sun and keep your Cub Scouts active in the summer.  Be sure to schedule three summer activities, one per month, to qualify for the Summertime Pack Award.  Each Cub Scout who attends all three programs will earn the special sun button for their uniform.  The events can be pack oriented like a picnic, parade, or swim party or use the council camps as your planned events. 





Any Boy Scout can attend Camp Drake as a part of the Prairielands Council provisional camping option without their hometown Scoutmasters.  Join the Bugle Troop from July 15-21 this summer. This summer there are multitudes of adventures you can undertake to fill your summer with fun exciting challenges.  You can come back to camp to work on extra merit badges, awards, relax, or to push yourself to discover new events. 





May the Fourth be with you!  With only days until Spring Fellowship, it is Star Wars time.  So be sure to sign up!  This year will be the best ever!  Our Activities committee has been cooking up a great  EXTRAVAGANZA.  You won’t want to miss it!


National OA Conference

For one week, all things of the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service will converge on southern Indiana for a grand celebration that the Wimachtiendienk has ever seen.  Start making arrangements now for July 30 to August 4th, 2018 for an Arrowrific event of the ultimate magnitude. 


OA Troop Representative- Get A Job Description:

An Order of the Arrow Troop Representative is a youth liaison serving between the local OA lodge and his troop. In his troop, he serves as a communication and programmatic link to the Arrowman and adult leaders and Scouts who are not presently members of the Order. He does this in a fashion that strengthens the mission of the lodge and purpose of the Order. By setting a good example, he enhances the image of the Order as a service arm to his troop. Make sure your troop is represented


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