Membership Review

As the year end calendar reaches the final dates of 2017, it is common to review the positive and negative aspects of the past 12 months.   Take stock of the current situation and make commitments to improve in the future.  PLEASE take time soon to review the youth and adult membership in your unit.  This is critical to the recharter process, as well as ensuring that all active participants are “official” BSA members.


ATTENTION ALL PACKS , TROOPS, CREWS and SHIP UNITS:  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE ENTERING YOUR UNITS VOLUNTEERS SERVICE HOURS FOR YOUR UNITS JOURNEY TO EXCELLENCE (JTE) DASH BOARD SCORECARD.  This is very important as it will help your unit and the council achieve a high ranking along with knowing that you have helped the BSA organization donate thousands of hours to make local and national communities a better place to live!  If you need help in entering your hours, please contact your district commissioner, for Prairie Fire, Jill Quisenberry or Kent McMahan for Many Trails:


Gold Nugget Derby 2017

Camp Robert Drake is the site of the annual winter camping challenge for Boy Scouts, Venturers, and their sleds.  All Boy Scout troops and Venturing crews are encouraged to start practicing for exceptional achievement in cold-weather activities.  Cheer for your favorite troop or crew at the big Klondike Derby on Saturday, January 27, 2018 on the downhill plateau slope.


Popcorn Wrap-Up

Please get any late orders in by Friday.  We have some popcorn coming and will fill them or quickly place one more order.

Please submit your unit master record and prize orders (on-line or on- form) (or just patch order if not taking prizes) ASAP if not already done.

Please pay for your popcorn by Friday, December 1st .  After payment is received, prize orders are released for fulfillment.


Prairielands Training College

Saturday, February 10, 2018

8:30am to 4:40pm

The High School of St. Thomas More

3901 N. Mattis Ave., Champaign

Lots of great classes for Cub, Scout and Venturing leaders.

Click on the link for the course catalog and to register:


Prairielands Tops Central Region 6 Months in a Row!

Membership Vice-President Mark Hoagland is pleased to inform you that our Council has led the Central Region in % membership growth for the past 6 months.

This is a tribute to the high quality Scouting program that is happening in our 9 county area.  Thanks to the efforts of ALL VOLUNTEERS in the Council, from the newest den leader to the most veteran commissioner, we are delivering a character-building program that retains youth.




Re Charter Season 

The recharter packets for all packs, troops, and crews are available to be picked up.     Starting last Thursday, 11/9/17, charter packets are being distributed.   Please contact Mike or Susan to make arrangements for a good start to the re-registration process.


Friends of Scouting Family Campaign

The FOS program highlights the benefits of Scouting and reviews the need for financial support of the Boy Scouts of America. Each unit is encouraged to schedule a presentation during the winter months for their Scouting families. The Family Friends of Scouting campaign is a vital component for strengthening our local council.


Unit Commissioners Support

A key individual in the development of a healthy unit is the commissioner.  The job of a commissioner is to support pack, troop, and crew leaders and their unit committees. A commissioner serves as a coach, a resource person, an advisor, and a sounding board for unit volunteers.   Additional commissioners are needed to provide guidance to unit leaders throughout the Many Trails District.  If you feel you have the talents to act as a mentor to a Scouting unit, please contact District Commissioner Kent McMahan at


Roundtable Thanks

Appreciation goes out to Scouters of the Many Trails District Roundtable on 11/9/17 for providing four quality training sessions as part of the Scouting information exchange.     Special thanks goes out to Marguerite Bailey & Christina Hoagland     (Den 101 & Lion Intro),  Jason Whaling  (Scouting Adventure) ,  Kent McMahan,  (YOUTH PROTECTION), and Parker Arnholt  ( Rechartering Online Tips).   A special thank you to host Dan Sloan and the 2nd Church of Christ of Danville




Klondike Cabin Drawing

Cabin and campsite space for the 2018 Prairielands Council Klondike Derby will be selected at random following the Camp Drake Launch on Dec. 9 at the Presence Covenant Medical Center in Urbana.  You must contact Susan Coller at the Camp Launch to get your Troop or Crew in the Klondike Cabin/Campsite drawing.  Units must attend to win!  Save the date of Jan. 27, 2018 for the next Klondike Derby extravaganza.




Cub Scout Shooting Sports Award

Many of the requirements for the Cub Scout Shooting Sports Award were introduced at the Smiling Pumpkin Day at Camp Drake and several are completed by participating in the events.  The Cub Scout Shooting Sports Award can be earned multiple times for each year of your activities in the pack.   Look for more details at



Launch Cub Camps

The Cub Scout Camping season will set sail on Saturday, December 9th, at the Presence Covenant Medical Center, 1400 W. Park St.   (just north of University Ave.) in Urbana.  The 60 minute “Camp Launch” will begin at 11:00 am and will feature the highlights of all the Cub Camping opportunities for 2018. All Cub Scout leaders and interested parents are invited to attend the Cub Camp Launch on December 9th.  Refreshments will be available for all Launch participants.  The Cub Camp Launch follows the Boy Scout Camp Launch at the same location, so car pool with your local troop leaders. 




Camp Launches 2018 Season for Scoutmasters and Troop Leadership

Join the entertaining preview of the 2018 summer camping season as the Prairielands Council Camping Committee will celebrate tremendous traditions of Camp Drake.    For each troop attending the 2018 Camp Launch, a special edition Camp Drake collectible will be presented in recognition of their participation.    The kickoff for next summer will be held on Saturday, December 9th, 2017 at Presence Hospital in Urbana. The special program will begin at 9:00 am.    All key Scouting leaders, as well as the troop’s Senior Patrol Leader, are encouraged to attend the Camp Drake Launch.   Camp information distributed will include program highlights, administrative details, and promotional materials for your Scouts


Building Youth Leaders

The many aspects of people management will be reviewed in context with lodge and troop operations at the annual Lodge Leadership Development Conference on Sunday, December 3 at the Illinois Fire Safety Institute in Champaign.  Entertaining instructors have been recruited to provide a top-notch educational experience for youth leaders and adult advisors.  As an Order of the Arrow member, young adults are expected to act as a leader. Illini Lodge invites all arrowmen to attend the annual leadership seminar to provide instruction on management techniques that will be useful throughout your life- in and out of Scouting.  The Lodge Leadership Development will review leadership styles, effective communications, and the committee structure of Illini Lodge.  All arrowmen, both youth and adult, are encouraged to participate in this lodge-building activity.  Plan to prepare for additional Cheerful Brotherhoodlyness.  Refreshments will be provided, but there is no registration fee.




Cabin Camping @ Camp Drake

Enjoy the fun of Camp Drake at a different temperature.   Stay cozy in the wood-stove heated cabins and then go outside and experience the banks of the Salt Fork River with a new perspective.  The increased darkness adds to the thrills of Capture the Flag on the plateau.   Make your reservations now for a Camp Drake cabin this winter!


Wood Splitting Success

Thanks to all the hard-working volunteers who attended the Lumberjack Day at Camp Drake on Nov. 11.   Many of the designated projects were completed and the winter wood supply was improved immensely.  Under the leadership of Ranger Ed,   25 hearty workers cut trees, cleared brush, transported logs, and split & stacked cabin wood.   Thanks to all the woodsmen who brought their own equipment to help with the cause.  And a special thanks to the workers from Pack 9 who did a great job in the wood shed. 




Lodge Holiday Party

The Lodge Holiday Party is coming December 3, 2017 at IFSI.  Don’t miss out on all the fun!

Click for more info.


Discount Option for Winter Banquet

A great celebration of cheerful service at the Beef House in Covington, IN.   A fun fellowship event for Arrowmen and their families to receive recognition.    Join Illini Lodge is a wonderful luncheon at a fabulous restaurant.  Illini Lodge wants to provide a small discount for Arrowmen and their families. Lodge members that attend with families members will only be charged $20.00 per person.  To register, contact Susan Coller at


Join the fun at the Pre-Banquet Hour of Brotherhood

The Winter Banquet on Jan. 6, 2018 isn’t just for steak and rolls.  It is also a great time to gather in fellowship with other lodge members.  The Pre-Banquet Hour of Brotherhood is a great time to do just that, but you can also visit the booths set up by committees and buy the latest lodge merchandise at the trading post.   Plus all the drawings for prizes for Dues paying members!  Brotherhood Time     NOON (IN Time)   11:00 am  (IL Time)  Beef House, Exit 4,  I-74  (west of the Wabash)






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