Summer Camp Food Requirements

Do members of your summer camp contingency to Camp Robert Drake have any Special Dietary needs? We want to help, but you need to tell us!! Email AFTER fees are paid but more than 3 weeks before camp to avoid a fee of $50 ($10 per full day in camp) assessed to a unit that does not notify camp of special dietary needs.   The Camp Kitchen may not be able to accommodate special dietary needs that are not shared in advance to due to the camp's food delivery schedule and staffing plan, and refrigerator space may also not be available. Please send an e-mail with your requirements to help us help you!



Bugle Troop member will experience Camp Drake Adventure 

All Bugle Troop members can attend the week of provisional camping at Camp Robert Drake, from July 16-22, 2017.    The “85th Anniversary Adventure”   that is summer camp is available for each Bugle Troop member to experience summer camping programs without the leader from their home troop.  This is a great option for Scout unable to attend during their troop’s normally schedule session.



A variety of activities based on outdoor trek excitement is available for older Scouts on the banks of the Salt Fork! Older Scouts attending Camp Drake will have the chance to choose special options for action during their week. The TreX Programs will offer older Scouts added challenges in and around the Camp Drake vicinity.  Scouts must be 14 years of age to ride the ATV’s and participate in the special shooting sports night.


Boy Scout Leader Training

Thanks to the gracious leadership of Council Training Committee of training volunteers, each Tuesday of the summer camp season will be Training Tuesday at Camp Robert Drake.  As an added bonus to the leaders camping during the first week of the camp season, the Outdoor Leadership Skills course will be offered throughout the week with completion on Friday afternoon.


Treehouse Cabin

The out-on-a-limb cabin at Camp Drake is available for rent beginning in August throughout the year.  The treehouse cabin located east of the parking lot is available for any unit to use for outdoor accommodations.  Use the typical Camp Use form,   located on the council website, and sign up your Scouts to camp in the trees.  Currently, the cabin has 12 built-in bunks with a bird’s eye view of the east.


G.P.S. makes his mark at Camp Drake

You really can teach high tech tricks on the banks of the Salt Fork.  Actually, the Scouts and leaders have had so much fun discovering the new skills that a part of the Geocaching wave is flooding Camp Drake.  Thanks to the Geocaching talents of the ROAP STAFF 2017, Geocaching opportunities have been developed at Camp Drake.  Land navigation has never been so much fun!


Thank you for Helping Camp Drake with Supplies

Sincere appreciation goes out to all the wonderful volunteers who helped Camp Drake with some needed program equipment that will upgrade our ability to improve our summer program requirements.  Several items have been received to improve our operations of Camp Drake    Units can also provide or donate needed supplies to assist Camp Drake in its operations.  The 2017 wish list is still below, if additional support from volunteers or units is possible.  Please call Mike Graham for specific item descriptions at camp at 427-5243.  If possible, bring the item along with you on your visit to the banks of the Salt Fork.  Any items will help enhance our skill instruction and recreational abilities in providing a great camping session.




      Life jackets                  Cases-toilet paper                               

      Canoe paddles             Pop-up Shelter

      Light boxes                  Water Jugs      

      Target printing             Outdoor tools

      Bicycles                       Radio antennas

      Hand tools                   Case of copy paper

      Fishing rods                



ITEMS for improved camp support:


Camp cooking utensils                         Buck saws/bow saws

Backpacking stove                               Lop shears

Clay pigeons                                        Rakes

Fishing equipment/tackle                     Wheel barrel

Golf balls                                             Hand sanitizer 

Kayak                                                  Work gloves

Any quantity of rope                           Paint brushes…2-3- 4

Sports equipment of any kind              Short handle shovels/ square or pointed

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