85th Anniversary Event at Camp Drake

The ultimate anniversary event to celebrate 85 years of Scout camping along the banks of the Salt Fork River will be Saturday, June 3rd.   From 10:00 am to 3:00 pm,  special events and active program will provide Scouts and guests with the outdoor fun perspective of Camp Robert Drake.  Experience the shooting sports, Scout skills challenges, and hiking adventures.  




Cub Scout Adventure Camp Program Options

Campers can pick their own path for Cub Scout action for the 2017 Cub Scout Adventure camp.   Our 2017 Cub Adventure Camp Program Director has rolled out the activity schedule for the Cub Scout events at Camp Drake.   Each den is able to choose from a large variety of advancement and action programs.  The 2017 Cub Adventure Camp Program Grid is available at  under the Cub Scout Adventure Camp tab.  Check out the entire safari of aquatics, ecology, shooting sports and Scout skills events.



Summertime Pack Award – Keep it Simple…Make It Fun

Catch the sun and keep your Cub Scouts active in the summer.  Be sure to schedule three summer activities, one per month, to qualify for the Summertime Pack Award.  Each Cub Scout who attends all three programs will earn the special sun button for their uniform.  The events can be pack oriented like a picnic, parade, or swim party or use the council camps as your planned events.  The goal is to provide a Scouting connection over the school vacation period.  This helps to stay in contact with parents and leaders in getting ready for the programs for the fall.  Don’t forget to bring the suntan lotion.




Enjoy a Family Night Program at Camp Drake

If you are looking for a fun summer night of Scouting, then plan to take a drive to Camp Drake for a Wednesday night family program in June or July.  A full night of family friendly activities takes place each Wednesday night of Boy Scout summer camp to show off the facility to hundreds of visitors. A variety of program areas are open for Scouts and family members to display their wilderness talents.  Enjoy the festive stunts and stories at the Friendship Circle Show, along with the fabulous prize give-aways!  Illini Lodge of the Order of the Arrow conducts its recognition of new arrowmen with an inspirational Call-Out ceremony at the Jack Jones Arena.  Shop for a snack or buy Camp Drake souvenirs at the Trading Post.  Visit your local troop on their week of camp.  Plan to attend a Family Night Program on June 21 or  28, or July 12 or 19 on the banks of the Salt Fork!




85th Anniversary Council Shoulder Patch

The official unveiling of the new  85th Anniversary Council Shoulder Patch will take place at the Camp Drake Trading Post this Saturday morning as part of the celebratory event.   This replica of the fire site at the Jack Jones Arena depicts the spirt of camping since 1932.  At the closing campfire at the end of every week of summer camp, the entire collection of Scouts, leaders, and staff gather to celebrate the camp session with songs and skits.   The Jack Jones Arena comes to life with amusement, inspiration, and Scouting spirit.   The artwork for the 85th Anniversary Council Shoulder Patch was selected by the 2017 summer camp staff, as part of the training preparation for this year.   The theme for the 2017 season is  “Honor the Spirit,  Light the Fire”.

Click to view patch.


Camp Drake Staff Need

Recent changes have provided an opening on the 2017 Camp Drake staff.   Camp Director Mike Graham is looking for any interested Scout supporter, who is at least 18 years of age.  Help provide a great summer experience for the Prairielands Council campers.  Please contact Mike Graham, @  (217)  531-0212 for more information 


Swim Test Options for Troops attending Camp Drake

Indian Acres Swimming Club has offered up their pools to troops for swim tests this summer if that would be something your troop would be interested in.  It could make check-in easier on Sundays   For more information, contact Joel Morenz,  217-714-6788,


Bugle Troop in July

Scouts can attend camp without their hometown Scoutmasters by joining the Bugle Troop. This opportunity is available for troops unable to secure proper adult leadership. Provisional camping also provides leadership for Scouts who cannot attend camp with their troop or who wish to attend more than one week of camp. The Bugle Troop will be available during the 4th session (July 16- 22). Reservations can be made by using the Bugle Troop registration form in the Lantern leader guide.. Parents or leaders are welcome to join the Bugle Troop as assistant leaders for the entire week, or specific days.


Camp Merit Badge Pre-Requisites

The 2017 summer camp merit badge/program schedule and the accompanying merit badge pre-requisite listing is available at the Camp Drake website, under the Boy Scout Summer Camp section.  This listing will help Scouts prepare for their summer advancement details and assist leaders in deciding on schedules for summer camp options. 




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