85th Anniversary Event at Camp Drake

The ultimate anniversary event to celebrate 85 years of Scout camping along the banks of the Salt Fork River will be Saturday, June 3rd.  . Throughout the entire day, special events and commemorative programs will provide Scouts and guests with a historical perspective of Camp Robert Drake.  Experience the outdoor thrills, Scouting challenges, and life-altering memories of 85 years of camping all in one day.  


Illini Scout Camporee at Memorial Stadium

Save the date for the great camping option for the Prairielands Council and the Scouting football fans.  The Fighting Illini Scout Camporee is set for 10/13/17 to 10/15/17.  Enjoy a great game of Illinois football against the Rutgers Scarlet Knights on Saturday, Oct. 14.  Then the Scouts and parents get to sleep on the field and watch a movie on the BIG screen.  A great Scouting/football event.


New Boy Scout can Enjoy Summer

Troop leaders in the council are encouraged to contact local 5th and 6th graders about the fun of Scouting.   The opportunity to join a troop during the great upcoming camping season is here!  Special invitations can be personalized to advertise your fun troop events in the near future.


Volunteers Needed:  The Illinois Fire Safety Institute (IFSI) needs volunteers for the upcoming Fire College, Friday, June 2nd through Sunday, June 4th


IFSI will need 4 people all day Friday.

IFSI needs one thin male, Saturday afternoon, 1-5 to be a practice for chest ultrasounds for an EMS class.

IFSI needs 10 “victims” for a mass casualty incident Sunday morning, 8-11, for Patient Triage and Transport. 


If you have anyone who might be interested, please contact Janis Hooper at 217 300-1297, or as there are consent forms that must be completed for participation for anyone under the ages of 18 – 21.


This is a great way to get some service hours and thank IFSI for hosting OA Lodge meetings and Roundtables.




Congratulations to the following Scouting units that have all program positions fully trained!

Prairie Fire

* Troop 0001 
* Troop 0050
* Troop 0042
* Troop 0402
* Crew 0217
* Crew 0042
* Troop 0017
* Crew 0101
* Ship 1015

Many Trails

* Troop 0224
* Troop 0032
* Troop 0157

Program positions include: Cubmaster, Asst Cubmaster, Den Leader, Asst Den Leader, Webelos Leader, Scoutmaster, Asst Scoutmaster, Advisor, Assoc Advisor, Skipper


Top unit leaders can view a training report for their unit at Or request a unit training report from the scout office.





Spring Camporee Appreciation

Thanks to Event Chair Robert Sloan for his leadership in guiding the many Trails District Spring camporee this past weekend.   Due to the inclement weather, the location of the event shifted to Camp drake to allow for better protection from the elements.  Despite the heavy dew, the 70+ campers enjoyed a fun camping experience.  Special kudos to Randy Osgood and his help with the shooting sports activity.




Adventure Camp Safari

Cub Scouts seek outdoor adventure during one of the four-day, three-night camp sessions with safari events of all kinds throughout the Illinois woodlands. See the Cub Scout Adventure Camp Leader Guide, also known as “The Lantern”, for added details by visiting the camp website  . The dates include: Blue session-July 5 to 8 or Gold session-July 23 to 26. 




Enjoy a Family Night Program at Camp Drake

If you are looking for a fun summer night of Scouting, then plan to take a drive to Camp Drake for a Wednesday night family program in June or July.  A full night of family friendly activities takes place each Wednesday night of Boy Scout summer camp to show off the facility to hundreds of visitors. A variety of program areas are open for Scouts and family members to display their wilderness talents.  Enjoy the festive stunts and stories at the Friendship Circle Show, along with the fabulous prize give-aways!  Illini Lodge of the Order of the Arrow conducts its recognition of new arrowmen with an inspirational Call-Out ceremony at the Jack Jones Arena.  Shop for a snack or buy Camp Drake souvenirs at the Trading Post.  Visit your local troop on their week of camp.  Plan to attend a Family Night Program on June 21 or  28, or July 12 or 19 on the banks of the Salt Fork!





Camp Drake Staff Need

Recent changes have provided an opening on the 2017 Camp Drake staff.   Camp Director Mike Graham is looking for any interested Scout supporter, who is at least 18 years of age.  Help provide a great summer experience for the Prairielands Council campers.  Please contact Mike Graham, @  (217)  531-0212 for more information 


Swim Test Options for Troops attending Camp Drake

Indian Acres Swimming Club has offered up their pools to troops for swim tests this summer if that would be something your troop would be interested in. I it could make check-in easier on Sundays   For more information, contact Joel Morenz,  217-714-6788,


Summer Camp Dietary Needs

The Camp Kitchen may not be able to accommodate special dietary needs that are not shared in advance to due to the camp's food delivery schedule and staffing plan, and refrigerator space may also not be available. Please send an e-mail with your requirements to help us help you!  We want to help, but you need to tell us!! Email AFTER fees are paid but more than 3 weeks before camp to avoid a fee of $50 ($10 per full day in camp) assessed to a unit that does not notify camp of special dietary needs.  


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