Fighting Illini Football Scout Camporee

It's Illinois vs Purdue football!  The Fighting Illini Football Scout Camporee is coming October 8, 2016.   The cost is $35.00 and payment must be received in the council office by September 30th.  Cost includes games ticket, lunch voucher, dinner voucher, patch and camping at Memorial Stadium.  There's also a movie on the big screen!   Go to for details and registration information.  Don't miss out!


If you want the U of I organizer in charge of this event to come speak about it to you unit, contact Thomas Stolley at 217-265- 9266.  He will also be at the Prairie Fire roundtable in September.


Council Activities Committee Meeting Tomorrow

There will be a council activities committee meeting tomorrow (Wednesday, August 31st) at 7:00 pm at the Raymond Lee Scout Service Center in Champaign.  Anyone is welcome to attend.  If you aren't familiar with this committee, it's responsible for planning council-wide activities and service including the Fall Camporee, Fighting Illini Scout Camporee, and Klondike Derby among others.  If you're interested in learning more about the committee or would like to join the committee and can't make the meeting, please contact committee chair Kurt Brown at 217-766-6723 or


Free Rocket Kits for Membership

We have liftoff of the 2016 fall membership campaign as Estes rocket kits are starting to be distributed to new Scouts of the Prairielands Council.   As part of the “Launch into Scouting” recruiting drive, new members are receiving a rocket kit and an engine to blast-off this fall.  Several district and council-wide rocket launches will be held throughout the fall for Scouts to send their rockets skyward.   Packs, troops, and crews can borrow the special launching equipment from the council office to set up their own unit launch.  Plan now to enjoy the fun of model rocketry.  Check out the short video connected to the council website  to see how to build your rocket.


Please Turn in Popcorn Commitment Form

With the popcorn sale approaching, it has become very important to get all of the materials for the 2016 CampMasters popcorn sale to the right people.  In order to prepare for the sale, a commitment card needs to be returned with the proper information.  Unit volunteers need to review plans for sales dates within the unit.  Promotional efforts at the local level should be created to maximize the popcorn sale for the Scouts. 


Start Selling Popcorn Today

All Scouts have the opportunity to do On Line sales.  This is a great way to reach family and friends who live far away but want to support their Scout with a purchase.  Units must set up their Pack, Troop or Crew for on-line sales; this is not done automatically or without the Unit Leaders knowledge.  There are several steps involved in both Unit set-up and individual Scout set-up.  While this takes a little extra work, it can bring big benefits to individual Scout sales and unit commission.  Go to the council website, click on the popcorn pages to get your fund-raising started.


POPCORN LEADERSHIP NOTICE:  URGENT:  Please assign your popcorn chair for your unit as soon as possible.    The 2016 Popcorn Sale has added  a new product.  There are a few changes in the popcorn price structure and the prize program has been altered to maximize incentives.  The Popcorn Kickoff focused on  Steps for a Successful Popcorn Sale.






 Popcorn Sales Calendar              





Labor Day Weekend Camping

All Scouts and Scouting family members are invited to enjoy Labor Day Weekend at Camp Robert Drake this year.  Experience a woodland retreat away and get back to nature.  Families can enjoy the facilities at Camp Drake at their own pace.  Both weekends will be open for tent camping and limited activities for all ages. All of the campsites are available for use.   Meals are not included and alcohol is not permitted.




Many Trails District Cub Scout Family FunDay

 A Cub Scout Family Fun Day is planned on Saturday, October 8th, beginning at 2:00 pm.  All Scouting families are invited out to Camp Drake near Catlin, for an afternoon of Scouting excitement.  Bring your whole pack, troop, or crew and their brothers and sisters, moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, for the rocket launches and for the shooting sports.   


Stop by the Danville Scout Office

All Scouters on the eastern side of the Prairielands Council will be able to take advantage of open office hours each week this fall.   Council personnel will be available to assist Scouting at the Danville Scout Office, located at 305 W. Woodbury in Danville, just east of Payless Shoes store on Gilbert Street.   The hours will be Monday and Wednesday from 1:00 until 4:00 pm   and on Thursday morning from 9:00 am until 12:00 noon (Illinois time).   The Danville Scout office has all of the forms and flyers for Scouting operations, as well as a few uniforms and books for Scouters to review. 


Many Trails District Roundtable

All Many Trails Scouters are urged to check out the District Roundtables next Thursday, Sept. 8, beginning at 6:30 pm.  Volunteer Scout leaders will be treated to informative discussions that will give you assistance in conducting your Scout program.  Please send a representative from your pack, troop, or crew to bring back the details for your committee to review. 


Many Trails District Facebook

"Like" us on Facebook at Many Trails District, B.S.A. (for district and council events as well as other scouting stories, blogs, and scouting news reports from across the nation and the BSA  National Council as well as general-interest posts. Let everyone what your unit is doing from camping trips, fundraisers, to special events.




Eagle Scout Workbook Reminder

Just a reminder, when you have an Eagle Scout workbook that needs approval by a Prairie Fire District Representative/Council Advancement Chairman, please contact Bob Bantz (cell 217-377-7554) or Gabrielle Martin (cell 217-722-1101).  If you drop it off at the council office, you still HAVE to call one of them to inform them that there is a packet to be picked up.  It is your responsibility to contact one of these 2 individuals.  Council employees do NOT contact them.


Cub Fun Day

Same great fun.  Same great time.  New events and a new location!  This year the PF Cub Fun Day will be held at the Champaign County Fairgrounds on Sunday September 25, 2016 from 1:00 – 4:00pm.  Cost of only $5.00 includes event patch and participant meal.  Additional meals may also be purchased for the same low cost of $5.00.  See attached flyer.


Upcoming Dates to Have on Your Calendar

Wednesday Sept. 14                  6:00 Unit Commissioner Meeting – LDS Church

                                                            6:30  Rocket Launch Training – LDS Church

                                                            7:00  Boy Scout specific roundtable – LDS Church


Fall Recruitment

New Scout recruiting materials are here and available at the Scout office.  We can print flyers for you to pass out at school presentations, we can schedule a boy talk in your school, we have mini-mags to pass out and yard signs (2 per unit) to post.  We also have the Gnome rocket for new Scouts and for a registered Scout who goes out and recruits a new Scout.  Contact the Scout office (either Lovetta Ash-Simpson at 217-531-0217 or Linda Atherton at 217-531-0220 for assistance or for more information).  If you haven’t yet gotten your boy talk date and recruitment/orientation night dates to Lovetta or Linda, please do so before turning off your computer for the day.





Cub Scouts Many Trails Fun Day!

Join the excitement of the Cub Scouts Fun Day on Saturday, October 8, 2016 from 2-5PM at the Nogle Shooting Sports Area on the south side of Camp Robert Drake near Fairmount, IL.  The rockets will be high flying as the Shotgun Range area will be used as the launch site for the new rocket kits.   All new members are encouraged to launch their rockets, as well as participate in some shooting sports events.   Staff will be on hand to provide guidance for the bb guns and archery shooting at the range.


Autumnal Activity for Cubs

Illini Lodge of the Order of the Arrow is sponsoring the fabulous Smilin’ Pumpkin Outdoor Sports Fest.  This is a fun day of outdoor games (BB’s, Archery, Fishing, and Sports) for current & potential Cub Scouts and families that will be held from 1:00 pm to 4:00 on October 23rd at Camp Robert Drake. Family participation is encouraged, so siblings can attend and participate. Any youth who are age 5 up to 17 can pay the registration fee and enjoy the activities at the event. This Smilin’ Pumpkin was designed as a way for the OA to reach out to Cub Scouts by getting them out to camp in hope that they will want to return.

Rocket Launch on Pumpkin Day

Along with the Giant Launcher targeting the Humongous Pumpkins, Rockets will be soaring through the skies at Camp Robert Drake on Sunday, October 23rd.   All new Scouts are encouraged to bring their free rocket kits to launch on the plateau.  Any current Scouts can obtain a free rocket by recruiting a buddy to join their unit.  If needed, extra rocket kits and engines will be available for purchase on Oct. 23rd at the Camp Drake trading post.  Plan now to blast-off at the Smilin Pumpkin in October.




Fall Camporee Discount Fee Deadline

Sign up now for the fabulous Fall Camporee for the Prairielands Council. Please send in registration: ON or before September 2nd  to pay the early discount rate of $12.00 per person.  Lunch is being provided so a proper headcount is needed to feed the camporee.  A registration form is available on the Prairielands Council, website. Payment due at time of registration.  Volunteer staff members for the event pay $5.00 for the meal on Saturday.


Olympic Theme Fall Camporee

The athletics of the outdoors will be the theme for the Fall Camporee next weekend at Camp Robert Drake, near Fairmount, IL.  Scout patrols will be challenged with several of the same sporting competitions of the 2016 Olympic Games.  Sports stations will be set up throughout the Camp Drake woodlands for Scout patrols to discover.   Lunch is served as part of the day-long schedule.  Each troop is encouraged to present a performance of a song or a skit for the Saturday evening campfire festivities.


Patch Trading at Flame Game Camporee

Each youth participant at the Prairielands Council fall camporee will receive a patch collection starter kit upon registration at the event at Camp Drake.  Emblems from past Scouting events will be shared with Scouts for a fun exchange experience throughout the weekend.  Any Scouts who creates a collection set of five emblems such as the same events, same year, similar design or border color with be able to select additional patches from the Trading Post grab bag.  If interested, Scouts can use this starter patch collection to begin work on Collections merit badge. 

Special areas of Camp Drake will be open during the Fall Camporee weekend. 

--- The swimming pool will be open so bring a long your swim trunks, towel, and buddy tag

--- Poncho Pond is open for fishing, so bring your rod, reel, bait.  You must have a buddy and Scoutmaster permission to go fishing.

--- The trading post will be open for snacks and souvenirs  

--- The gaga ball pit & 9 square game are available for use during the non-program hours of the Camporee

--- A rocket launch will be held on the plateau at Camp Drake during the weeknd.


Order of the Arrow


Brotherhood Congratulations

Congratulations to the Illini Lodge arrowmen who attained the Brotherhood level of the Order of the Arrow this summer at Camp Drake.  These newly honored Brotherhood members completed the tasks required and were recognized during the summer evening ceremonies. The conversion to the Brotherhood membership in the Order of the Arrow is a big step for members of Illini Lodge.  The ultimate goal set forth by the officers of Illini Lodge is to have every eligible Ordeal candidate undertake the tests of Brotherhood in 2016. In regards to all of the lodge members unable to attend summer camp, Chief Bryant Deer encourages potential candidates to attend Fall Pow-Wow in October to seal their membership.


Put the “FUN” in the Fall Pow-Wow!!! 

Be a part of the fun excitement that is the 2016 Illini Lodge Fall Pow Wow.  Come help Illini Lodge #55 celebrate the fellowship of Cheerful Service with a weekend full of games, events, and ceremonies.  All Illini Lodge Arrowmen (Youth & Adult) are encouraged to test their spirit on October 14–16th, 2016 at Beautiful & Ballistic Camp Robert Drake.  At Illini Lodge’s annual Fall Pow-Wow, there will be a Friday night Pre-Ordeal ceremony, Saturday morning camp support, Saturday afternoon FUN events. Then Saturday evening Ordeal ceremony & banquet, Saturday night Brotherhood ceremony & Vigil callout and finally our world famous late-Night Cracker Barrel Snacks.  Please You bring: tent, sleeping bag, cloths, toiletries, uniform & O.A. sash)  Plus: 2016-2017 Lodge Officer Elections


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