9 A.M.-1 P.M.


Click here for more info!





Have you sent in your Commitment form for popcorn?   A copy of the form is available on our website    Please let us know who your unit’s popcorn kernel will be.   Will you be ordering prizes (33% commission) or Cash Option (36% commission)?   Will you be selling Show & Sell or just Take Order?


NEW Tool available (2016 Product Mix – Unit Projection Tool)!   Not sure what to order?  We have provided each unit that sold last year with an invoice from 2015 that shows what they ordered for Show & Sell, what they returned and then what they ordered for Take Order.  On our website we have also put a new tool for figuring out what to order.  Just enter your goal for Show & Sell and it will tell you what to order.  It is recommended that this dollar projection not exceed 70% of your Unit’s Total Sales Dollars from 2015.


Don’t forget that the deadline for Show & Sell is Saturday September 10, 2016 by noon.   A REVISED SHOW & SELL ORDER FORM IS AVAILABLE ON OUR WEBSITE.  You can place your order on-line, bring in to the office, fax (217-356-7785) or email to or  Show & Sell is ordered in FULL CASES.   Take order will be by CONTAINER!!!


PIZZA PARTY!!!   Steve Martin at Campmasters has offered to purchase pizza for the Pack & Troop who have the highest sales per Scout selling popcorn.  So for example, your unit sales $20,000 and you have 15 scouts selling that would be $1,333.33 per Scout.    So the highest Pack and Troop in the Council will get to have a Pizza party!!  


Unit Popcorn Packets with the order forms for the Scouts will be available September  14, 2016.  Plan to pick up at Roundtable or at the Scout Office.


Do you have a use for empty popcorn tins?   The Council has over 125 empty popcorn tins that we would like to get rid of.  If you know of someone who would like them please contact Sharon Kirk at 217-531-0218 or by email



Camporee Registration Due Sept. 1

Sign up now for the fabulous Fall Camporee for the Prairielands Council. Please send in registration: ON or before September 2nd    Lunch is being provided so a proper headcount is needed to feed the camporee.  A registration form is available on the Prairielands Council, website

Payment due at time of registration

Who may attend: All Boy Scouts, Venturing Crews and Webelos (with host unit)

• Check-In will be from 6:00 – 8:00 PM on Friday Night

• Medical Forms (Parts A&B) are required at check-in.

• Cracker Barrel for all staff, Scoutmasters, and SPLs – Friday Night at 9:30 pm

• Saturday Lunch Provided


Camporee Campsite Assignment on Reserve

Campsite Queen Susan Coller is taking reservations for campsites and cabins for the 2016 Fall camporee at Camp Drake.   Troops and crews are encouraged to call the reservationest at (217) 356-7291, ext. 6441 to save a camping location for the weekend of Sept. 9-11.   The campsites are available at no cost, while the normal weekend rate will be charged for the traditional cabin use fee.   If participation demands, troops may need to share space in a campsite with another troop, based on occupancy sited in the 2016 Camp Lantern.  Susan is available at the Raymond Lee Scout Service Center on weekdays from 2:30 to 6:00 pm.


Swimming Pool Open for Camporee Swim

As a part of the simulated Olympic Games, the Camp Drake pool will be open (pending good weather) for your aquatical enjoyment on Saturday afternoon, Sept. 10.  Lifeguards will man their posts to provide a refreshing swim to youth and adult campers.   All adult leaders will be able to enjoy the pool to themselves, as part of a special ScoutLeaderFloat   (not an actual beverage) that weekend.   Bring your swim trunks and buddy tags to enjoy the waves at the Fall Camporee.


Camp Drake Trading Post Open at Flame Games Camporee

As a special bonus for participation in the 2016 Fall camporee, the Camp Drake Trading Post will be open throughout the weekend to provide sales of snacks and souvenirs to campers.  Business genius Robert Sloan will open the fabulous metal doors to Scouts and leaders for convenience items, frozen treats, and a limited supply of camping goods on September 9 and 10, 2016.   Remember that the Trading Post takes paper and plastic money for your shopping pleasure.


Fighting Illini Football Scout Camporee

It's Illinois vs Purdue football!  The Fighting Illini Football Scout Camporee is coming October 8, 2016.   The cost is $35.00.  Cost includes games ticket, lunch voucher, dinner voucher, patch and camping at Memorial Stadium.  There's also a movie on the big screen!   Go to for details and registration information.  Don't miss out!


If you want the U of I organizer in charge of this event to come speak about it to you unit, contact Thomas Stolley at 217-265-9266.  He will also be at the Prairie Fire roundtable in September.


2017 National Jamboree

If you are registered or interested in attending the 2017 National Jamboree, please join us for our second participant meeting! We will talk about whitewater rafting options, updates on transportation arrangements, contingent patch discussion, and activities to help participants get to know each other.


What: National Jamboree Participant Meeting

When: Sat, Oct 1 2016 10:00 AM

Where: First United Methodist Church, 210 W Church St, Champaign IL 61821


We will be meeting in room E in the basement, please enter from the north parking lot and follow signs.


Leave No Trace

This email is an attempt to ask for assistance in getting the word out that there is scheduled a training opportunity for both youth and adults to earn the Leave No Trace Trainer award.  All local units should have a full-color tri-fold flyer in their Council Mailbox - but I'm providing an electronic version as well. Attached is both a single page and the tri-fold flyer for the event - please let the Scouts and Scouters in your units know of this event to be held at Camp Illinek - Sep 30 - Oct 2, 2016.  The cost for the course is ONLY $40.


The course director will be me - and the instructors for the course will be composed of local LNT Master Educators and local LNT Trainers. 


So far, there is ONLY ONE person signed up to take this course. Please, help - I must have a least 5 participants in order to run this course.  I really don't want to disappoint anyone wanting to take this course.


The staff for this event is also needing help with some logistics working with the course director so the trainers can concentrate on course content. We would definitely appreciate your effort and will provide for your meals and lodging. If you would like to help with some 'behind-the-scenes' work that will make for a smooth-running course, please don't hesitate to give me a call!


If you are a LNT Trainer or know of one who has not gotten a separate communication from me - please be sure to let me know and get correct names on the Council register of Outdoor Ethics trainers.  LNT Trainers, this event qualifies in earning requirements for the new Outdoor Ethics Action Awards - reply for details.


Grow Your Committee

Area farmers know the important details needed to harvest a successful crop.  Backyard gardeners cultivate their plots to allow for proper growing conditions.  In Scouting, enthusiastic leaders are required to conduct exciting activities for Scouts.  Finding quality adult leadership can be very difficult.  Your unit committee needs a good crop of volunteers to conduct a positive program for youth.  By involving more parents, friends of Scouting, and other community leaders on the unit committee, additional duties to improve the unit operations can be accomplished.  Reap the benefits of recruiting more volunteers to help carry the load of responsibilities that make a Scouting program fun for all.


Labor Day Camping

All Scouts and Scouting family members are invited to enjoy  Labor Day Weekend at Camp Robert Drake this year.  Experience a woodland retreat away and get back to nature.  Families can enjoy the facilities at Camp Drake at their own pace.  Both weekends will be open for tent camping and limited activities for all ages. All of the campsites are available for use.   Meals are not included and alcohol is not permitted.


Danville Scout Office to host Open Hours

All Scouters on the eastern side of the Prairielands Council will be able to take advantage of open office hours each week this fall.   Council personnel will be available to assist Scouting at the Danville Scout Office, located at 305 W. Woodbury in Danville, just east of Payless Shoes store.   The hours will be Monday and Wednesday from 1:00 until 4:00 pm   and on Thursday morning from 9:00 am until 12:00 noon (Illinois time).   The Danville Scout office has all of the forms and flyers for Scouting operations, as well as a few uniforms and books for Scouters to review. 


Cub Scout Sucessful School Night Tips

  1. MAKE AN AGENDA – Assign speaking roles and set time limits!
  2. ASSIGN VARIOUS DUTIES – use lots of leaders to do different jobs (registration, new den orientations, games, refreshments, speakers, training)
  3. FOLLOW AGENDA – Set time limits, change speakers, don’t ramble on.
  4. USE HANDOUTS – but not more than two pages, keep it simple(definitely distribute upcoming schedule of fun events)

Rocket your Membership

Plan to be a part of the Rocket Launching theme for the fall membership drive in the Prairielands Council.  Special rocket kits will be available for all new members completing an application and joining a pack, troop, or crew.  Look for more details at your district program kickoff next week.




Eagle Scout Workbook Reminder

Just a reminder, when you have an Eagle Scout workbook that needs approval by a Prairie Fire District Representative/Council Advancement Chairman, please contact Bob Bantz (cell 217-377-7554) or Gabrielle Martin (cell 217-722-1101).  If you drop it off at the council office, you still HAVE to call one of them to inform them that there is a packet to be picked up.  It is your responsiblity to contact one of these 2 individuals.  Council employees do NOT contact them.


Prairie Fire District Committee Meeting

Please don’t forget to put on your calendar and attend the upcoming PF district committee meeting on Monday Aug. 29 at 7:00 pm at the IFSI on Gerty Dr.  If you are interested in getting more involved with the operations of the district (camping, membership, finance, ScoutReach, training or any other issue that you know will do better with your input please feel encouraged to come and be heard and make a difference).


Cub Fun Day

Same great fun.  Same great time.  New events and a new location!  This year the PF Cub Fun Day will be held at the Champaign County Fairgrounds on Sunday September 25, 2016 from 1:00 – 4:00pm.  Cost of only $5.00 includes event patch and participant meal.  Additional meals may also be purchased for the same low cost of $5.00.  See attached flyer.


Upcoming Dates to Have on Your Calendar

Saturday Aug. 27  8:00am – noon Unit Commissioner Basic Training

                You don’t have to have spent a decade in Scouting to help another unit succeed.  If you have a passion to help guide and mentor a unit to greatness consider being a unit commissioner.  Anyone is welcome to this training.  There is no cost.  Contact Linda Atherton ( so we have enough materials for all.  Place:  Carle Education Building  221 N Broadway Ave, Urbana, IL   (across from Sav-a-Lot)  Park in the lot just south of the building.


Wednesday Sept. 14                  6:00 Unit Commissioner Meeting – LDS Church

                                                            6:30  Rocket Launch Training – LDS Church

                                                            7:00  Boy Scout specific roundtable – LDS Church

Fall Recruitment

New Scout recruiting materials are here and available at the Scout office.  We can print flyers for you to pass out at school presentations, we can schedule a boy talk in your school, we have mini-mags to pass out and yard signs (2 per unit) to post.  We also have the Gnome rocket for new Scouts and for a registered Scout who goes out and recruits a new Scout.  Contact the Scout office (either Lovetta Ash-Simpson at 217-531-0217 or Linda Atherton at 217-531-0220 for assistance or for more information).  If you haven’t yet gotten your boy talk date and recruitment/orientation night dates to Lovetta or Linda, please do so before turning off your computer for the day.




Back to School Join Scouting Nights

Your first Cub Scout meetings of the fall are critical to the life of a Cub Scout pack.  The first impression that your pack provides to potential members and their parents will set the tone for your Scouting year.  The back-to-school membership drive is gearing up to be an important method of recruiting new Cub Scouts, informing parents, and building pack committees.  Throughout the fall of 2016, a TREMENDOUS effort will be made to build successful Cub Scout packs in the Prairielands Council.  Pick up recruiting materials that will help to guide your pack to bring in den leaders, plan for the den orientations, and increase youth participation.  Contact District Executive at (800) 464-7291, to help your pack grow in youth attendance, parent participation, and volunteer development.


Cub Scouts Many Trails Fun Day!

Join the excitement of the Cub Scouts Fun Day on Saturday, October 8, 2016 from

2-5PM at the Nogle Shooting Sports Area on the south side of Camp Robert Drake near Fairmount, IL.  The rockets will be high flying as the Shotgun Range area will be used as the launch site for the new rocket kits.   All new members are encouraged to launch their rockets, as well as participate in some shooting sports events.   Staff will be on hand to provide guidance for the bb guns and archery shooting at the range.


Smilin Pumpkin Outdoor Sports Fest!

Mark Sunday, October 23rd on your fall fun calendar.  Family participation is encouraged, so siblings can attend and participate. Three different shooting sports areas will be set up to allow for a variety of targets and shooting difficulty.  Sports games on the plateau will feature basketball, soccer, and Frisbee games.  Set your sights for the premier Cub Scout event of the fall.  All Cub Scouts should go to the Smilin’ Pumpkin at Camp Robert Drake near Oakwood, IL.  All current & potential Cub Scouts and families are invited to join the fun from 1:00 pm to 4:00 on October 23rd. 





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