Fighting Illini Football Scout Camporee

It's Illinois vs Purdue football!  The Fighting Illini Football Scout Camporee is coming October 8, 2016.   The cost is $35.00.  Cost includes games ticket, lunch voucher, dinner voucher, patch and camping at Memorial Stadium.  There's also a movie on the big screen!   Go to for details and registration information.  Don't miss out!


Rocket your Membership

Plan to be a part of the Rocket Launching theme for the fall membership drive in the Prairielands Council.  Special rocket kits will be available for all new members completing an application and joining a pack, troop, or crew.  Look for more details at your district program kickoff this week.


Encounter the Sporting Action at the Fall Camporee

Experience the athletic fever of the FLAME GAMES at the Prairielands Council Fall Camporee on September 9-11, 2016 at Camp Robert Drake.  Scouts will compete in a variety of sports throughout the camp to test their mettle on the field of play.  Make plans now to join the fiery team in September.





Fall Kickoff on Thursday

All Many Trails Scouters will kick off the fall Scouting season with an entertaining informational session on the events of the back-to-school timeframe.   This upcoming season is the best recruiting time of the year with students moving on to new activities….let’s makes Scouting a program to join!  All unit leaders are encouraged to attend the Fall Kickoff at the First United Methodist Church of Danville,  located at 1400 N. Vermillion in Danville. The eating will start at 6:30 pm, with the meeting to follow.  Pizza and pop…plus sweets and popcorn treats.


Popcorn Promotion in Danville

The Prairielands Council Fall Popcorn sale will be reviewed as a part of the Many Trails District Fall Kickoff program this Thursday in Danville.   Details on the sale will be shared by the resident popcorn guru Elliot Smith, along with fabulous prizes and samples.  Please make sure your unit is represented to harvest the popcorn sale information this Thursday.


Many Trails District Kickoff

All of the latest Scouting news will be shared at the Many Trails District Fall Kick-off program on Thursday,  August 11, 2016 at the First United Methodist Church of Danville,  located at 1400 N. Vermillion in Danville.  Food, fun, and fellowship will be on hand for all volunteers to enjoy.  Bring a car full of Scouters to gather information, get your questions answered, and win fabulous prizes.  The fall of 2016 will be an exciting season for the Scouting programs of the Prairielands Council.  Great events and outdoor options are set for the Many Trails District.  Start making plans now in your Scouting calendar.


Plan a Great Popcorn Kickoff  for your Scouts

Popcorn sale orientations for each pack, troop, and crew provide the details for a successful sale, as well as to provide the sales materials to the families of your unit. These important meetings should update sales leaders on the latest popcorn information, review sales techniques and preview popcorn prizes to the sales team in attendance.  Please plan to fire up your youth with a fun popcorn kickoff.  Spend some money on the popcorn sellers…they are the ones raising the funds for your Scouting operations.


Prairielands Council Calendar                                                                                       

All the upcoming Scouting events are set in one great location to help volunteers plan their fall schedule.  Get your copy of the Prairielands Council Calendar at upcoming roundtables, at the fall kickoff, at either council office, or one of the training programs.  The 2016-17 council calendar has descriptive highlights of monthly Scouting opportunities, plus the dates of upcoming events. 




Blast off into the fall!  We are getting into rocketry as an exciting addition to programming this fall.  In order to accomplish this safely we have training scheduled for leaders and district launch dates.  Each scout who joins Scouting this fall receives a rocket and engine and can participate in these activities.  Any Cub who recruits a friend into scouting receives a “recruiter” strip for his uniform and also a Gnome rocket.


Prairie Fire DistrictRocket Training” is September 14th @ Roundtable from 6:30pm-8:00pm Church of the Latter Day Saints in Champaign


Prairie Fire Launch Dates:  September 25th Cub Scout Fun Day @ Urbana Fairgrounds 1:00-4:00pm,

                                                      October 15th, Colbert Park in Savoy 10:00AM-12:00PM (Hopefully hosted by Local Rocket Club)

                                                      October 23rd,  Camp Drake Council Smilin’ Pumpkin (Council Wide Event) 1:00-4:00 Civil Air Patrol


We are doing one training at Roundtable (Sept. 14th) in hopes of getting more Cub leaders to attend if they so happen to want to have their own pack launch.


MARK YOU CALENDAR!  COME HUNGRY!  The PF Popcorn Kickoff is TOMORROW at the August 10, 2016 roundtable at the LDS Church on Windsor between Prospect and Neil.  Start time 6:30pm.  We should be all done by 8 pm.  Learn about this year’s sale and important dates.  Sample the product.  Get your popcorn package for your unit.  Come meet and greet our new Scout Executive, Steve Adams.  We will also highlight some of the ideas for fall recruiting incentives and have some time to get to know your fellow Scout leaders and volunteers as we share a Fried Chicken dinner.  If you have questions contact Linda Atherton at



Please don’t forget to put on your calendar and attend the upcoming PF district committee meeting on Monday Aug. 29 at 7:00 pm at the IFSI on Gerty Dr.  If you are interested in getting more involved with the operations of the district (camping, membership, finance, ScoutReach, training or any other issue that you know will do better with your input please feel encouraged to come and be heard and make a difference).



Same great fun.  Same great time.  New events and a new location!  This year the PF Cub Fun Day will be held at the Champaign County Fairgrounds on Sunday September 25, 2016 from 1:00 – 4:00pm.  Cost of only $5.00 includes event patch and participant meal.  Additional meals may also be purchased for the same low cost of $5.00.  See attached flyer.



New Scout recruiting materials are here and available at the Scout office.  We can print flyers for you to pass out at school presentations, we can schedule a boy talk in your school, we have mini-mags to pass out and yard signs (2 per unit) to post.  We also have the Gnome rocket for new Scouts and for a registered Scout who goes out and recruits a new Scout.  Contact the Scout office (either Lovetta Ash-Simpson at 217-531-0217 or Linda Atherton at 217-531-0220 for assistance or for more information).




Plan to Go to Smilin Pumpkin!

All Cub Scouts should go to the Smilin’ Pumpkin at Camp Robert Drake near Oakwood, IL.  All current & potential Cub Scouts and families are invited to join the fun from 1:00 pm to 4:00 on October 23rdFamily participation is encouraged, so siblings can attend and participate. Three different shooting sports areas will be set up to allow for a variety of targets and shooting difficulty.  Sports games on the plateau will feature basketball, soccer, and Frisbee games.  Mark your calendar for the premier Cub Scout event of the fall.




Multi-State Arrowman Event

Illini Lodge of the Order of the Arrow will join with six lodges from throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri to conduct a fabulous leadership event known as the Section C-3B Conclave.  This Conclave will be held in September at Camp Saukenauk.


Officer Elections

The top leadership for Illini Lodge will be selected at the Fall Pow Wow during the weekend of October 14-16, 2016. The positions include Lodge Chief, Vice Chief of Administration, Vice-Chief of Activities, Vice-Chief of Inductions, Secretary, and Treasurer.  All dues-paying Illini Lodge youth members are eligible to run for a position and participate in the election.  In the Order of the Arrow, you are considered a youth member until you turn 21 years of age.


Summer Reunion


Good day Illini Lodge!

As I type this email I am excited.  I am excited because our Order is changing.  Our Vice Cheif of Activities, Blayne Beeson, and myself have just gone to the Order of the Arrow NEXT conference.  At this conference leaders from hundreds of lodges around the country and across the Atlantic got together to sit down and hash out the plan for the future of our century old order.  On August 13th I would like to show you all what we learned, and work with you on our own plan to ensure the future of our lodge and customs.  This is a very exciting time!  It is a time for us to truly make a difference and change our lodge in many ways.  please join us at Camp Drake on August 13th from 11 AM to 5 PM for our Summer Reunion.  Change needs to be a massively collective effort so I urge everyone who reads this email not only to bring yourself, but grab a friend and bring them along because this is an event that you will not want to miss! 


Yours in cheerful service,

Bryant Deer
Illini Lodge 55
Cheif | 2016

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