Fall Camporee of Olympic Proportions

Troops from throughout the council are invited on 9/9/16 to 9/11/16 to enjoy an Olympic Theme.  There will be 10 events including using the pool and rifle and shotgun ranges.  The fee would be $12 with a deadline of 9/2/16 and a late fee of $15.  There will be a campfire on Saturday night that will double as an award ceremony.  Target your troop athletes to shape up for the fun.


Northside Council Fishing Derby

On Sunday, June 12th, from 2:00-5:00pm Central Time, we will host a fishing derby at Cissna Park, IL at Kellart Lake.  (If questions, contact Rick Dulaney at 815-383-2199).  Bring your own fishing pole if you have one. There will be a campfire after each fishing derby, so bring a chair and enjoy the great outdoors! Bait will be provided at all locations. The “Hooked on Scouting” membership drive is continuing through the spring, as any new Scout can receive a new rod and reel, courtesy of the Prairielands Council. All Scouts and Scouters are welcome to enjoy a fun fishing day at Cissna Park  


Illini Scout Camporee at Memorial Stadium

Big news for the Prairielands Council and the Scouting football fans.  The Fighting Illini Scout Camporee is set for 10/8/16 to 10/9/16.  The fee will be $35 if paid by 9/30/2016.  A $5 lunch voucher is included in the event fee for all participants.  Dinner will be provided for all participants via supper .  Then the Scouts and parents get to sleep on the field and watch a movie on the BIG screen.  A great Scouting/football event.


Program Planning Info Available!  The New Scouting Calendars are Ready!

The new calendars for the 2016-2017 year are being distributed as a part of the Program Planning Process, available through both Scout offices.   For one low, low price, you’ll receive these remarkable hand-crafted events schedule as part of THE COUNCIL CALENDAR.!  What a great deal!  Act now to obtain this once-every-springtime treasure.


On-line Training at Your Leisure

Important informational training courses are offered on-line for all program levels within the Boy Scouts of America.  Web-based Training for any Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing leader is the most convenient method of training all leaders can take.  Many courses are online courses that are very short and are available through the BSA Web site.  As the summer season approaches, aquatics activities require Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat courses, which are easily completed on-line. For brand-new leaders, there is Fast Start Training, where one course is for Cub Scouts and another for Boy Scouts.  Commissioners should take the Fast Start for whichever type of unit they serve most.  The Youth Protection course is valuable for everyone and required for certain Scouting positions. There is also a Hazardous Weather training to help keep your outings safe. The link to MyScouting for the Boy Scouts of America on-line training center website is .  You will need to set up an account in the on-line learning center by using your identification number of your BSA membership card.  If you cannot find your BSA membership card, contact Susan Coller at (217) 356-7291, ext. 6441.



Thank You for a great Camporee

The Many Trails District Spring Camporee was a tremendous success, with great events, great troops, and great weather.  A ginormous thank you to event chairmen Jim Kirkpatrick and Robert Sloan for their hard work, leadership, and Scouting spirit in guiding the events of the weekend.   Over 115 Scouts and leaders experienced the fun of Scouting fellowship and received a good experience in a variety of outdoor skills.   Thanks to Dr. Don Rokosch for his wonderful facility at the North Fork Lodge.  And thanks to all the supportive camporee volunteer minions that made the fun events and educational experiences more meaningful for the Scouts.


Friends of Scouting Support

The Many Trails District of the Boy Scouts of America is currently serving over 650 families with camping programs, educational events, and character-based activities.  Thanks to the commitment of dedicated volunteers, our local Scouting efforts have been able to grow.  Our annual Friends of Scouting fundraising drive provides the necessary dollars needed to provide administrative support through our council office, maintain Camp Drake, and provide leadership training and counseling.  Your contribution for 2016 will add to the opportunities to build stronger programs, events, and activities.  With your assistance, the Many Trails District of the Prairielands Council looks to create additional improvements to coordinate the successful development of Cub packs and Scout troops, Venture crews and Explorer posts. Please make a pledge for a gift to the Prairielands Council this year. 




Holiday Family Camping Weekends

All Scouts and Scouting family members are invited to enjoy Memorial Day Weekend or Labor Day Weekend at Camp Robert Drake this summer.  Experience a woodland retreat away and get back to nature.  Families can enjoy the facilities at Camp Drake at their own pace.  Both weekends will be open for tent camping and limited activities for all ages. All of the campsites are available for use, along with a few of the program areas options during the event.  The cost for the entire weekend of camping and activities is $20.00 per family or $8.00 per individual for the entire four-day period.  Meals are not included and alcohol is not permitted. Campers will be able to use camp facilities at their leisure.  Registration is due on the Monday prior to the holiday weekend.


Bugle Troop in July

Scouts can attend camp without their hometown Scoutmasters by joining the Bugle Troop. This opportunity is available for troops unable to secure proper adult leadership. Provisional camping also provides leadership for Scouts who cannot attend camp with their troop or who wish to attend more than one week of camp. The Bugle Troop will be available during the 4th  session (July 17- 23). Reservations can be made by using the Bugle Troop registration form in the Lantern leader guide. Parents or leaders are welcome to join the Bugle Troop as assistant leaders for the entire week, or specific days.


Summer Camp Food Requirements

Do members of your summer camp contingency to Camp Robert Drake have any Special Dietary needs? We want to help, but you need to tell us!! Email AFTER fees are paid but more than 3 weeks before camp to avoid a fee of $50 ($10 per full day in camp) assessed to a unit that does not notify camp of special dietary needs.   The Camp Kitchen may not be able to accommodate special dietary needs that are not shared in advance to due to the camp's food delivery schedule and staffing plan, and refrigerator space may also not be available. Please send an e-mail with your requirements to help us help you!


Great Leader Opportunity at Camp Drake

Trainers will lead the Scoutmaster required Outdoor Leaders Skills Training program during EACH OF THE FOUR WEEKS OF Boy Scout summer camp.   For adult leaders attending Camp Drake, the Outdoor Leadership Skills course will be offered on various days throughout the week with completion on Friday afternoon.  Plan to take advantage each week of the summer camp season to benefit from a great opportunity at Camp Robert Drake





Cub Scout Adventure Camp Program Options

Campers can pick their own path for Cub Scout action for the 2016 Cub Scout Adventure camp.   Prince Parker, 2016 Cub Adventure Camp Program Director has rolled out the activity schedule for the Cub Scout events at Camp Drake.   Each den is able to choose from a large variety of advancement and action programs.  The 2016 Cub Adventure Camp Program Grid is available at  under the Cub Scout Adventure Camp tab.  Check out the entire realm of aquatics, ecology, shooting sports and Scout skills events.


Summertime Pack Award – Keep it Simple…Make It Fun

Catch the sun and keep your Cub Scouts active in the summer.  Be sure to schedule three summer activities, one per month, to qualify for the Summertime Pack Award.  Each Cub Scout who attends all three programs will earn the special sun button for their uniform.  The events can be pack oriented like a picnic, parade, or swim party or use the council camps as your planned events.  The goal is to provide a Scouting connection over the school vacation period.  This helps to stay in contact with parents and leaders in getting ready for the programs for the fall.  Don’t forget to bring the suntan lotion.




Annual Health Form Reminder

The national Boy Scouts of America camp policy mandate medical examinations for week-long summer camp at Camp Drake. All youth participants and adult leaders must present evidence of a physical examination annually for the weekly camp session by a licensed physician AND a health history completed by the adult participant or a parent (for youth participants). Copies of the medical form will be available at the Raymond Lee Scout Service Center in Champaign and the Danville Service Center. Completion of both sections of the form is necessary for all campers. All physicals and health histories must be on file with the camp health officer in case of emergency.


Camp Merit Badge Pre-Requisites

The 2016 summer camp merit badge/program schedule and the accompanying merit badge pre-requisite listing is available at the Camp Drake website, under the Boy Scout Summer Camp section.  This listing will help Scouts prepare for their summer advancement details and assist leaders in deciding on schedules for summer camp options. 




Communication Assistance Required

If you are not receiving e-mail communications from the lodge, then your e-mail is not listed on the current lodge roster.  Please check with other arrowmen in your troop to check that all Illini Lodge members are receiving OA information.  To add an arrowman to the list, please respond to with a name and troop number.


OA Troop Representative- Get A Job Description

An Order of the Arrow Troop Representative is a youth liaison serving between the local OA lodge and his troop. In his troop, he serves as a communication and programmatic link to the Arrowman and adult leaders and Scouts who are not presently members of the Order. He does this in a fashion that strengthens the mission of the lodge and purpose of the Order. By setting a good example, he enhances the image of the Order as a service arm to his troop. Make sure your troop is represented.

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