Dear Friends in Scouting,


On May 5th, the Study Group Recommendations were submitted to the Executive and Advisory Boards for review. It is important that you also have the financial information from Lincoln Trails Council and Prairielands Council to review along with the recommendations prior to the next meeting on May 23rd.  


The first attachments include the 2015 Audit from Lincoln Trails conducted by Kemper CPA Group, the same firm that audits Prairielands. Also included is a copy of the Business Practices Assessment by national of Lincoln Trails. The attached BPA matrix is a working document their board is using to track progress on items identified which need to be addressed by the council. Unfortunately, we do not have a similar BPA document for Prairielands because our council’s Business Practices Assessment was postponed due to the retirement of our previous Scout Executive.


Also included is the 2015 Audit for Prairielands. The Audit is listed as a Draft but was approved by the Audit Committee on May 10th. In addition there are trend lines for both councils including balance sheet information from 2009 to 2015 for Lincoln Trails and 2010 to 2015 for Prairielands in addition to income statement information from 2011 to 2015 for Lincoln Trails and 2010 to 2015 for Prairielands.


Please note a vote is scheduled at the Board Meeting on May 23 to decide if we will take the question of consolidation to a full corporation vote which would include Board Members and Chartering Organization Representatives. On May 23 you are invited to attend a second Town Hall at New Horizon Methodist Church; it will be held from 6-8PM. 

Please submit any other questions before by emailing any of us below.

Questions may be directed to:


Kyle Kietzmann/Council President

Gabrielle Martin/ Council Commissioner

Mike Potts/Immediate Past President


2015 Audit Lincoln Trails

Audit Draft Prairielands

Balance Sheet Trends LT

Balance Sheet Trends PLC

Income Statement Trends LT

Income Statement Trends PLC


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