Dear Friends in Scouting,


On May 2nd Prairielands Council conducted a Town Hall meeting to discuss the recommendations presented by the Shared Services Study Group regarding the potential collaboration between Prairielands and Lincoln Trails.


Thank you to those who attended either in person or by phone. We appreciate your feedback.   

Unfortunately, the individual sub-committee recommendations were not made available in advance for people to review and draw their own conclusions. As Council President, I would like to extend my heart-felt apology that this information was not provided in advance. I know that Gabrielle Martin and Mike Potts who helped lead the discussion share in this apology.


So allow us to rebuild this relationship by addressing that omission.

First, a summary of sub-committee recommendations is attached and will also be available on the council website. These committees were made up of volunteers from both Councils. Please review the reports and contact us with any questions.


Secondly, the vote scheduled for May 23 is NOT a vote to consolidate. It is a vote on whether to continue in the process by taking the question of consolidation to a full corporation vote which would include Board Members and Chartering Organization Representatives.


Given the general tenor of the meeting on Monday night, we would like a chance to discuss this with you again. Our primary goal with these is to be as completely transparent as possible.

So, on May 23 you are invited to attend a second Town Hall at New Horizon Methodist Church; it will be held from 6-8PM.  With all the information in the reports attached, we will be able to discuss the committee recommendations.  


This meeting will also be conducted online so that people may see slides and submit questions online.


Please submit any other questions before by emailing any of us below.

Questions may be directed to:

Kyle Kietzmann/Council President

Gabrielle Martin/ Council Commissioner

Mike Potts/Immediate Past President


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