Dear Friends,


The Shared Services Study Group Committees have been meeting and are in the process of presenting their final recommendations regarding a potential collaboration between Prairielands and Lincoln Trails. A formal recommendation will be finalized by April 30, 2016. 


It is important that once a recommendation is presented, we have an opportunity as a Council to come together to discuss the recommendation and ask for feedback and input before the recommendation is submitted to the Executive Board for a formal vote.


Town Hall Meeting – Monday, May 2nd – 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm


The Prairielands Council has scheduled a Town Hall Meeting on May 2nd from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the Pollard Auditorium at the Forum at Carle Hospital. Carle has agreed to provide free parking for those attending this meeting. If you are not able to attend in person, there is a call in number for the meeting. We anticipate there will be a number of people listening, asking questions over the phone may be difficult so we ask those who are calling in to listen to the discussion and questions. 


Town Hall Call-In Number

Conference call number is 1-877-402-9753

Access Code: 5505822


Mike Potts and Gabrielle Martin will be leading the discussion with Mike McCarthy, Area 3 Director and acting Scout Executive for Prairielands Council available to answer questions.


The Shared Services Study Group is composed of five sub-groups made up of representatives from both councils to conduct the study. The objective is to analyze the challenges each council faces and determine if there is an opportunity to work together to address those challenges and better serve young people. The sub-groups include: Finance, Membership & Unit Service, Program & District Support, Communications & Marketing, and Administration & Legal.


The expected outcomes of the Shared Services Study will most likely fit into one of three categories:


1.    Status Quo – Nothing can be gained through the councils working together or consolidating.

2.    Shared Services – Scouting will best be served if the councils remain separate but find ways to share resources and deliver programs more efficiently.

3.    Consolidation – Scouting will be best served if the two councils become a single, larger council.


Thank you for your patience, support and continued commitment to Scouting as we work through the Shared Services Study.



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