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Service Opportunity

The University of Illinois Fire Service Institute is hosting an Active Shooter class as part of the 92nd Annual Illinois Fire College, and we need volunteers to role play as victims during the final scenario on 6/5/2016 in Urbana.



-          Wear old clothes that can get dirty. 

-          You will be made up with injuries, and will spend some time lying on the floor.


Report time is no later than 0730 in the 1900 block of East Main Street in Urbana, and you will be done by 1 PM.  A pizza lunch will be provided.  This activity can be used as service hours for your organization.


For more information, or to sign up, please email Tad Schroeder ( or Sean Burke ( before 5/13/2016.


Outdoor Leader Skills Training: April 22-24,  THIS WEEKEND!

Every Scout needs and deserves trained leaders.  Imagine having hands-on knowledge setting up a campsite, pitching a tent, hiking, outdoor cooking - all the skills necessary to see the outdoor program of Boy Scouts and Venturing come to life.  This is a required course for Trained Scoutmasters, Assistants, and other adults who will be leading camping trips.  Beginning on Friday night until Sunday afternoon, The Outdoor Leader Skills Training provides excellent information to improve your camping techniques, thus creating a better experience for the youth. To register, contact the Raymond Lee Scout Service Center at (217) 356-7291, ext. 6443.


Adventure Camp Fees

To all Cub Leaders in the Kingdom: PLEASE NOTE:  Registration fees for CS Adventure Camp have a 4/29/16 deadline. Cub Scout camping payments that are bundled into a group for the whole pack help to make the registration process go smoother.  Each pack should keep a copy of their camping registration paperwork to maintain their own camping records for their group.  Keeping copies on file for your pack of medical forms, payment transmittals, and program requests will help your unit through the administration process.  ALSO NOTE:  CS Adventure Campers need only parts A & B on the medical forms.


Arrowhead Award Ceremony Recognition at First Campfire

All of the 2016 Arrow of Light recipients who attend Camp Drake this summer will be recognized at the opening campfire for this achievement.  During the festive atmosphere of the welcoming camp skits, each new Boy Scout that has earned the Arrow of Light will be called on stage by members of the Illini Lodge Ceremonies Team to receive a special Arrowhead Award for their achievement.  As a part of the presentation, these new Boy Scouts participate in a motivating program that encourages their attainment of the highest goal in Boy Scouting, namely the Eagle Scout rank.  The ceremony is very impressive and uplifting, and parents and leaders are welcome to attend.


Camp Candy Wrap-Up

Thanks to all the packs and troops for their assistance with the 2016 Camp candy sales kickoff.

The sale has reached the end on a very nice day in April after starting out unloading candy in the middle of a blizzard in February.  All of the candy selling units helped to achieve fund-raising success for camping participants and the council.  Four Scouts received $100.00 camp scholarships as part of the weekly drawing. 


Our overall top seller from Westville Troop 234 Kenny C. will be taking home the Remote Controlled Drone with Camera.  He sold 41 boxes of candy!  Each District’s top selling Cub Scout and Boy Scout will receive a $25 Walmart gift card.  Many Trails District’s top selling Cub Scout was Kyle H. from Westville Pack 249.  Gabe E. from Watseka Troop 188 took the Many Trails District Boy Scout spot. Prairie Fire District’s top selling Cub Scouts was Nate Hopkins from Pack 73 in Philo.  Ryan Krutsinger from Troop 74 in Arthur took the top Prairie Fire District Boy Scout spot.  For the bonus drawing the following Units have a Camp T-Shirt coupon: Troop 32 of Paxton, Pack 157 of Cissna Park, Troop 224 in Oakwood.  Plus a bonus Walmart gift card for: Pack 21 of Champaign, Troop 118 of Hoopeston, and Pack 272 in Veedersburg.





Friends of Scouting

The annual Friends of Scouting fund-raising campaign is helpful in building the strength of the council.   District Scouters will provide an educational program to packs, troops, and crews to solicit funds for the Prairielands Council. The program highlights the need for financial support of the Boy Scouts of America. Each unit is encouraged to schedule a presentation for their Scouting families this spring. The Family Friends of Scouting campaign is a vital component for strengthening our local council.


Fishing, Cooking, Shooting Sports Camporee at North Fork Lodge

The 2016 Many Trails Spring camporee will be held on the weekend of May 20-22 where fun Scouting events are planned for the North Fork Lodge.  The campground has scenic trails, a wonderful fishing lake, and an excellent weather report.  Plan now to be part of the rewarding outdoor weekend.




Day Camp, Day Camp and yes more Day Camp!!!!  This year we are having three different Day Camp themes in three different areas, but all Scouts can go to all three camps if they like!!  Camp Drake theme is “ Scouting in the Woodsunder the direction of Scout leader Kent McMahon, Urbana/Champaign  theme is “Scouting’s new STEM Program” being coordinated by Scout leaders Art Urban and Doug Robinson and last but certainly not least, Cub Day Camp in Tuscola with Dave Johnson and Jake Maestas as your leaders have lots of activities centers around “WATER & LUAU”!!  all of three  camps will cost only $30.00 each to attend and all will have BB’s, Archery, cool crafts, and much more!!!!  So get out there and sell those candy bars and pay your way to all three camps!!  For more information contact Day Camp Advisor Lovetta Ash-Simpson at or call 217 531-0217.  For informational flyers and registration forms and Cub Camp coordinators’ guides go to  it is under the “summer camp” drop down menu.


CALLING ALL TROOPS!!  If you haven’t signed up for a wonderful evening of Scouting Jeopardy with our fabulous Friends of Scouting team please contact Lovetta Ash-Simpson  ( truly AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to set up when the team can come to your Court of Honor or Family Event and make a presentation.  We really do need to present this information to EVERY unit in the district.


SPRING is right around the corner and with that it’s time to think about RECRUITMENT!!  It is time to start seriously planning on recruiting more members to your unit.  Get them familiar with your program and youth before that busy summer camp season.  Now is the time to start approaching those kindergarteners and inviting them to pack activities and events.  The can feel a part of your great program before the official signup date of June 1.  Each new Cub who joins still gets a Zebco fishing rod and reel.  Regional fishing activities are being planned to further that theme.  Each new Boy Scout who signs up (and the Boy Scout who recruited him) each receive an adult Zebco fishing rod and reel.  Please be in contact with your school(s) and arrange a date and time for the Spring Boy Talk, then CONTACT Lovetta with that information  (217-531-0217 or  There are recruiting strips that can be worn on the official uniform for recruiting a youth into the BSA.  (That includes you, too, Venturers).  Be creative and think of fun recruiting events.  Share your great ideas with us at the office!!


Prairie Fire District Members.  Please mark your calendars.  The next district meeting will be Monday May 9, 2016 (not the first Monday of the month!!!) at the Illinois Fire Safety Institute on Gerty Dr.  Please note the date change and plan to attend.



Hello!  I am Geri Wirth, Executive Director of Avicenna a free and charitable health care clinic.


Avicenna is the largest of 4 free clinics in the Champaign Urbana Community. Not only do we provide medical care but we offer many ancillary services which are difficult for the uninsured to access.  We train future healthcare workers into the environment of their chosen field shaping them into compassionate caregivers as well as outreach specialist, grant writers and administrators.


I am asking the Boy Scouts to assist us in making ourselves known to the population we seek to serve.  I would like for the Boy Scouts to deliver flyers, door to door, about the free clinics in the community.  


The territory for delivery and the amount of flyers delivered can be negotiated. I would expect them to be delivered in neighborhoods where the information on the flyers is relevant.


Thank you for considering this project. For more information contact Geri directly at:




Summer Camp Food Requirements

Do members of your summer camp contingency to Camp Robert Drake have any Special Dietary needs? We want to help, but you need to tell us!! Email AFTER fees are paid but more than 3 weeks before camp to avoid a fee of $50 ($10 per full day in camp) assessed to a unit that does not notify camp of special dietary needs.   The Camp Kitchen may not be able to accommodate special dietary needs that are not shared in advance to due to the camp's food delivery schedule and staffing plan, and refrigerator space may also not be available. Please send an e-mail with your requirements to help us help you!


Boy Scout Camp Fees due

An exemption from the fee deadline will be allowed for new Scouts.  Any new boy joining your troop in the spring will be held to a first of June deadline.  Now is a great time to invite boys of any age to enjoy the excitement of summer camp.    Total payment for both youth and adult members for all camp sessions are past due and in the late fee stage.  Please contact Susan Coller at the Raymond Lee Scout Service Center, Box 6267, Champaign, IL, 61826-6267, for details on your troop payments.



Please include transmittal form or registration paperwork along with payments to make sure payments are credited to the correct camp for the intended Scouts/Scouters.  Be sure with the variety of fee amounts for each of the camping options, a breakdown of the designated fee per individual is greatly appreciated, in order to correctly apply fee to each Scout.  One important designation that will help with payment clarification is the waiver of the late fee for the newly joined Boy Scouts, who have until June 1st to avoid the late fee penalty.  If your troop is adding program fees payments at this time, it is extremely critical to earmark your funds for the proper activity for the specific Scouts in a clear memo for our clerk. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call (217) 356-7291, or e-mail


Congratulations to the Lane Coffey, Troop 25

Special recognition goes out to Life Scout Lane Coffey of Troop 25, chartered to the United Methodist Church of Mahomet, for his winning entry in the 2016 Camp Drake Emblem Coloring Contest.   Lane has won a Camp Drake Hoodie for his skill. In addition to the fabulous hoodie, the Lane will receive special recognition with a plaque with the actual patch used for the “Dare to Be Prepared” summer season during his week of camp in 2016.   The 2016 emblem contains the classic “bonfire within an arrowhead” logo that has been used in the artwork for Camp Drake patches since the earliest days on the banks of the Salt Fork.   Lane will also be immortalized on the web pages of  for his artistic talents in patch colorization.


All Terrain Vehicles at Camp Drake

Older Scouts will be able to enjoy All-Terrain Vehicle rides on the trails of Camp Drake this summer.  As a part of the Vermilion TreX program, Boy Scouts ages 14 and up are eligible to ride ATV’s in an educational and entertaining style.  Space is limited, so eligible Scouts are encouraged to sign up now. 


Last Help on Candy Sale

Your thoughts on the 2016 Camp Candy Sale will be very helpful in planning for future fund-raising efforts.  Below is a link to the feedback survey.  Feel free to pass this along and share your own thoughts as well.

Just a quick reminder we still have candy available to sell and it can be checked out by anyone interested.  If you have any questions on your unit’s candy balance, please contact Glenn at 356-7291, ext., 6443.




Kindergarten Recruitment

Families can find fun summer activities in your pack.  As your Pack has summertime activities planned (and it should), you can recruit all ages of Cub Scouts but especially new Tiger Cubs.  Those boys who are now in kindergarten can be signed up as Tiger Cubs and participate in all the summertime activities.  What a great way to start off the summer with eager new Scouts! 


Program Choices for Cub Scout Adventure Camp

Campers can pick their own path for Cub Scout action for the 2016 Cub Scout Adventure camp.   Prince Parker, 2016 Cub Adventure Camp Program Director has rolled out the activity schedule for the Cub Scout events at Camp Drake.   Each den is able to choose from a large variety of advancement and action programs.  The 2016 Cub Adventure Camp Program Grid is available at  under the Cub Scout Adventure Camp tab.  Check out the entire realm of aquatics, ecology, shooting sports and Scout skills events.


Adventure Camp Fees

To all Cub Leaders in the Kingdom: PLEASE NOTE   Registration fees for CS Adventure Camp have a 4/29/16 deadline.     Cub Scout camping payments that are bundled into a group for the whole pack help to make the registration process go smoother.  Each pack should keep a copy of their camping registration paperwork to maintain their own camping records for their group.  Keeping copies on file for your pack of medical forms, payment transmittals, and program requests will help your unit through the administration process.  ALSO NOTE:   CS Adventure Campers need only parts A & B on the medical forms.


Cub Scout Adventure Camp King

The king of the Cub Camps is the four-day, three nights Cub Scout Adventure Camp.  Crowns can be placed on all the Cub Scouts planning to attend Camp Drake.  Cub Scouts and leaders live the Scouting life through a series of outdoor action programs.  Campers can bring their own camping gear, but tents and cots will be provided, as needed.  A Medieval Times themed program will be provided along with three meals each day served in the Dining Hall.  Special evening features include a campfires and a pool party.  For more information, check out



During both the Blue and the Gold Session of Cub Scout Adventure Camp in 2016, the SUNRAYS program will offer extra program options.  Boys that are currently in the third and fourth grades will graduate up to advanced program status and be eligible to select two added program features during their Cub Scout Adventure Camp session.  Space is limited for certain time frames for each program. The SUNRAYS program is designed to be an added feature for the Adventure Camp schedule for older Cub Scouts.  These campers should still choose their advancement and fun events from the Cub Scout Adventure Camp Program Grid.  SUNRAYS events are set up during open hours and extra time slots.




Annual Health Form Reminder

The national Boy Scouts of America camp policy mandate medical examinations for week-long summer camp at Camp Drake. All youth participants and adult leaders must present evidence of a physical examination annually for the weekly camp session by a licensed physician AND a health history completed by the adult participant or a parent (for youth participants). Copies of the medical form will be available at the Raymond Lee Scout Service Center in Champaign and the Danville Service Center. Completion of both sections of the form is necessary for all campers. All physicals and health histories must be on file with the camp health officer in case of emergency.


Special Camp open to All Troops

Troop 158 of the Prairielands Council will be hosting a campout with the theme being a continuous flag retiring for the entire campout.  The campout will be April 29 to May 1, 2016. For registration/campout information please see our Facebook page at Troop 158 Campout. You can also call Kendra Warner 815-409-3134 or email for more info.




Troop Elections Time

The Order of the Arrow election clock is ticking down and all troops are encouraged to conduct an election for new members.   As needed, Illini Lodge is assisting Scout troops and Varsity teams with the important procedures in the election process. Forms are available at the Camp Drake website under the Illini Lodge tab.


SCOUTMASTERS’ NOTE: The 2016 Spring Fellowship is the last event for elected candidates from 2015 to participate in their Ordeal ceremony.  Please follow up with any outstanding candidates to remind them of this deadline.



The fantastic looking Illini Lodge back patch has arrived from the talented embroiderers of St. Louis County.  Lodge Treasurer Nathan Schuele has opened the sale at the Roberson Scout Shop for these gorgeous emblems of lodge spirit.  These patches will look great on your Illini Lodge fleece.  The back patches are a mere $15.00 …a pittance for the pride you will feel with the mighty whitetail antlers decorating your reverse side.  Back patches are available in a limited supply, so get to the Spring Fellowship on April 29 – May 1 at Camp Robert Drake.




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