Boy Scout Camp Fees due this Friday

Don’t let the summer camp fees skip by you this month.  Total payment for both youth and adult campers for all camp sessions are due at the Raymond Lee Scout Service Center, Box 6267, Champaign, IL, 61826-6267, by Friday, April 15, 2016 as posted in the council calendar. The registration fee for one week of Boy Scout camp for registered Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts from the Prairielands Council is $260 without pre-paid deposit.  Registration payments received after the above dates will be charged an additional $15.00 late fee per person, both youth and adults. An exemption from this deadline will be allowed for new Scouts.  Any new boy joining your troop in the spring will be held to a first of June deadline.



Day Camp, Day Camp and yes more Day Camp!!!!  This year we are having three different Day Camp themes in three different areas, but all Scouts can go to all three camps if they like!!  Camp Drake theme is “ Scouting in the Woodsunder the direction of Scout leader Kent McMahon, Urbana/Champaign  theme is “Scouting’s new STEM Program” being coordinated by Scout leaders Art Urban and Doug Robinson and last but certainly not least, Cub Day Camp in Tuscola with Dave Johnson and Jake Maestas as your leaders have lots of activities centers around “WATER & LUAU”!!  all of three  camps will cost only $30.00 each to attend and all will have BB’s, Archery, cool crafts, and much more!!!!  So get out there and sell those candy bars and pay your way to all three camps!!  For more information contact Day Camp Advisor Lovetta Ash-Simpson at or call 217 531-0217.  For informational flyers and registration forms and Cub Camp coordinators’ guides go to, it is under the summer camp drop down menu.


Speaking of camps…  Camping Chair, Bob Bantz, is looking to have more accurate information about how many scouts are attending some form of camp this summer.  Watch for a form to complete at your district roundtable.  Or send the following information to Mr. Bantz (at 76 Piatt St. Mahomet, IL 61853 or call him at the end of summer at 217-377-7554):  Unit number and number of scouts in unit.  Number of Scouts attending  Day Camp, Number of Scouts attending Camp Drake for summer camp, Number of Scouts attending an out-of-council summer camp, and Number of Scouts attending a High Adventure Camp (even if it’s not a BSA camp).  Finally, since one scout may attend more than one summer camp experience, how many different scouts attended at least one summer camp (count only one camping experience for each scout for this answer).  Mr. Bantz is looking for the percentage of Scouts who attend at least one summer camping adventure.  This information will go a long way to helping us understand and then better provide camping experiences for all scouts.  It’s also a criteria for the Journey to Excellence worksheet.



The Council annual Pinewood Derby Race and Show division  showed off over a hundred really fast and cool designed cars was absolutely terrific this past weekend at Judah Christian School in Champaign!  A hugeTHANK YOU” to our Council Pinewood chairman Mike Webb and his crew for putting together a great race and a spectacular way to show off some really cool car designs.  I would also like to thank  Alpha Phi Omega, Illini Lodge #55, Todd Buhrmester and Marilyn Heinsohn for all the hard work they all put into making this such a successful event, I really appreciate all of YOU!  Below you will find the top results of all the races and show division listed, it was great fun had by all, I hope to see you all next year!!!!  Click here and here for complete list of winners.


 “Show” results:

1st-  156 points- Talon Fazio

2nd- 126 points- Magnus Whiteside

3rd- 107 –Trenton Barsos

4th- 100 points- Lawson Kurtz

5th- 91 points- Ryan Sorey

6th- 65 points- Simeon Luedtke

Youth Race Division

1st – Ben Bandy  - 201.97 mph

2nd – Wyatt Ayers – 201.58 mph

3rd – Logan Sikorski – 201.32 mph

4th – Kaden Hays – 200.53 mph

5th – Logan Young – 199.08 mph

6th – Logan Kurtz – 197.97 mph

Open Division

1st – Lovetta Ash-Simpson – 199.35 mph

2nd – Jamarion Brown – 199.02 mph

3rd – Lucas Ray – 198.83 m



They are having a Boy Scouts Night this Friday at our Men’s Tennis match. We have advertised it online but no such luck so far. I wondered if I passed along a graphic and link to you that you could distribute it to the troops that you are in constant communications with.


Let me know if you would be interested. Here is the link to the registration page if you would like more information. Give me a call if that helps as well!



ï‚·        Promotions page -

ï‚·        Registration page -





District Program Planning Kickoff

The annual program planning kickoff will distribute the new dates for Scouting at the Many Trails Roundtable for April.   District volunteers will provide the traditional delightful Scouting informational talks for your Scouting groups.  Outdoor opportunities will be previewed at the roundtable on the second Thursday of the month (4/14) at the Royal Buffet on the north side of Danville, from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.  Join us earlier for food and fellowship.   The wide array of Cub Scout and Boy Scout program options will highlight the presentations


Friends of Scouting

The annual Friends of Scouting fund-raising campaign is helpful in building the strength of the council.   District Scouters will provide an educational program to packs, troops, and crews to solicit funds for the Prairielands Council. The program highlights the need for financial support of the Boy Scouts of America. Each unit is encouraged to schedule a presentation for their Scouting families this spring. The Family Friends of Scouting campaign is a vital component for strengthening our local council.


May Camporee at North Fork Lodge

The 2016 Many Trails Spring camporee will be held on the weekend of May 20-22 where fun Scouting events are planned for the North Fork Lodge.  The campground has scenic trails, a wonderful fishing lake, and an excellent weather report.  Plan now to be part of the rewarding outdoor weekend.




April 13, 2016 (YES, that is TOMORROW !!)  is the date for the annual SUMMER KICKOFF!  Plan to attend the combined roundtable starting at 6:30 at the LDS Church.  There will be pizza, cookies and soda and an information packed meeting. Council calendars will be available.   Is there an event or program that you want to hear about?  Contact Linda Atherton ( and we can get it on the agenda.  Have an event or program that you want to promote, let Linda know about that as well.  The goal is to provide YOU with the information YOU want.  Note:  this is the last roundtable of the year.  The next roundtable is in August 2016 and is the FALL KICKOFF and popcorn orientation.  There will be no unit commissioner meeting in April.  Anyone who is free to come to the church at 6:00 and help set up would be greatly appreciated.


“New to You Scout items”; at Wednesday’s PF roundtable there will be a table of items (please price them before you come) of interest and fascination that will be available for purchase.  Feel free to bring items to sell.  Bring money to expand your collections.  The table will be “hosted” by Ralph and Ellen Kuchenbrod.  Proceeds will be given to the Friends of Scouting appeal.

“Do you know what a Joining Conference is?”   If not, you should attend roundtable and learn more about this important part of the Cub to Boy Scout transition for scouts with special needs (or for any scout).   Lisa White will be making a presentation about the issues and resources that can help ease the transition for Webelos to Boy Scouting, especially for Scouts with special needs.

CALLING ALL TROOPS!!  If you haven’t signed up for a wonderful evening of Scouting Jeopardy with our fabulous Friends of Scouting team please contact Lovetta Ash-Simpson  ( truly AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to set up when the team can come to your Court of Honor or Family Event and make a presentation.  We really do need to present this information to EVERY unit in the district.


It’s almost too late.  If you contact the office IMMEDIATELY we will still be able to add you to the list, but seriously – the camporee is THIS weekend.   That’s right “Let the Games begins”!!!  Prairie Fire District along with Troop 103 is hosting for the first time a gaming Camporee!!!  Come test your skills against fellow Scouts/Scouters and take away a trophy and the “Win”!!!  this all will be held at Lodge Park in Monticello, IL. On April 15-17, 2016, for the very low cost of $13.00 per person, lunch in a bag will be provided on Saturday!  See the attached flier for more details or contact Eric Hawley.


SPRING is right around the corner and with that it’s time to think about RECRUITMENT!!  It is time to start seriously planning on recruiting more members to your unit.  Get them familiar with your program and youth before that busy summer camp season.  Now is the time to start approaching those kindergarteners and inviting them to pack activities and events.  The can feel a part of your great program before the official signup date of June 1.  Each new Cub who joins still gets a Zebco fishing rod and reel.  Regional fishing activities are being planned to further that theme.  Each new Boy Scout who signs up (and the Boy Scout who recruited him) each receive an adult Zebco fishing rod and reel.  Please be in contact with your school(s) and arrange a date and time for the Spring Boy Talk, then CONTACT Lovetta with that information  (217-531-0217 or  There are recruiting strips that can be worn on the official uniform for recruiting a youth into the BSA.  (That includes you, too, Venturers).  Be creative and think of fun recruiting events.  Share your great ideas with us at the office!!

Prairie Fire District Members.  Please mark your calendars.  The next district meeting will be Monday May 9, 2016 (not the first Monday of the month!!!) at the Illinois Fire Safety Institute on Gerty Dr.  Please note the date change and plan to attend.





As the season of summer due dates brings the flooding of paperwork to the Prairielands Council, your assistance as a great Scouting volunteer is appreciated by the office staff reviewing all of the registration forms.

            A:        Please include transmittal form or registration paperwork along with payments to    make sure payments are credited to the correct camp for the intended Scouts/Scouters

            B:        Be sure with the variety of fee amounts for each of the camping options, a breakdown of the designated fee per individual is greatly appreciated, in order to correctly apply fee to each Scout.  One important designation that will help with payment clarification is the waiver of the late fee for the newly joined Boy Scouts, who have until June 1st to avoid the late fee penalty.  If your troop is adding program fees payments at this time, it is extremely critical to earmark your funds for the proper activity for the specific Scouts in a clear memo for our clerk.

            C:        Cub Scout camping payments that are bundled into a group for the whole pack help to make the registration process go smoother.  When individual payments arrive at various times, the plan of grouping Scouts into the same program times is in jeopardy.

            D:        Registration  fees for  CS Adventure Camp have a 4/29/16 deadline approaching soon

            E:         Each pack and troop should keep a copy of their camping registration paperwork to maintain their own camping records for their group.  Keeping copies on file for your pack/troop of medical forms, payment transmittals, and program requests will help your unit through the administration process. 


Thank you for your cooperation in making the summer experiences a memorable event for Scouts and their families.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call (217) 356-7291, or e-mail


Clean Up at Camp Drake this Saturday

Spring cleaning continues on Saturday, April 16 at 9:00 am at the north end of the Tin Shed at Camp Robert Drake near Oakwood, IL.  Primary projects will focus on clearing campsites and removing brush, brambles, and leaves from program areas.  Basic cleaning will be needed in the cabins and buildings.  If you have construction talents, additional projects will be available by contacting Mike Graham at All Tool Time participants should bring their own equipment if possible, but some rakes, brooms, and loppers are available.  A lunch will be served at 12:15



The Council Camping Committee has established the refund policy for summer camp programs at Camp Robert Drake. Any refund desired must use the Camp Refund Request form to be presented in writing to the Council Scout Executive.  A sliding scale has been developed depending on the length of time in which the Council Service Center is notified prior to the camp session.  If the request is received 30 days prior to the camp session, a full refund will be considered; if received 21 days prior, a 75% refund considered; if received 14 days prior, 50% will be considered if received 7 days prior, 25% will be considered. All refunds will be made on or before August 30. All camper fees are transferable to other Scouts or to another camp session, such as the Provisional Camp Bugle Troop, so parents are encouraged to work out the details within their own unit.




Cub Scout Recruitment

NOW is a great time to recruit Cub Scouts for summertime activities.  If your Pack has summertime activities planned (and it should), you can recruit all ages of Cub Scouts but especially new Tiger Cubs.  Those boys who are now in kindergarten can be signed up as Tiger Cubs and participate in all the summertime activities.  What a great way to start off the summer with eager new Scouts! 


Cub Scout Adventure Camp a Great Experience

The big challenge of the Cub Camps is the four-day, three nights Cub Scout Adventure Camp.  Cub Scouts and leaders live the Scouting life through a series of outdoor action programs.  Campers can bring their own camping gear, but tents and cots will be provided, as needed.  A Medeieval Times themed program will be provided along with three meals each day served in the Dining Hall.  Special evening features include a campfires and a pool party.  For more information, check out




Annual Health Form Reminder

The national Boy Scouts of America camp policy mandate medical examinations for week-long summer camp at Camp Drake. All youth participants and adult leaders must present evidence of a physical examination annually for the weekly camp session by a licensed physician AND a health history completed by the adult participant or a parent (for youth participants). Copies of the medical form will be available at the Raymond Lee Scout Service Center in Champaign and the Danville Service Center. Completion of both sections of the form is necessary for all campers. All physicals and health histories must be on file with the camp health officer in case of emergency.


Special Camp open to All Troops

Troop 158 of the Prairielands Council will be hosting a campout with the theme being a continuous flag retiring for the entire campout.  The campout will be April 29 to May 1, 2016. For registration/campout information please see our Facebook page at Troop 158 Campout. You can also call Kendra Warner 815-409-3134 or email for more info.




2016 CENTRAL REGION RENDEZVOUS                                           

The Central Region Rendezvous is open to all Sea Scouts, Venturers, Explorers, and Boy Scouts at least 14 years old.   The Rendezvous is May 21, 2016. Events begin at 9:00 AM on Saturday and the closing Bridge of Honor will conclude around 8:00. Come early on Saturday and eat breakfast.   The Rendezvous will be at Camp Illinek on Lake Springfield off of Iron Bridge Rd. To get to Camp Illinek take exit 90 (Toronto Rd) off of I-55.

Cost:                           $22 per person                         This includes 3 meals, a t-shirt, and program.

Camping Option:      $4/night includes tent camping field, modern restrooms, and meals.

What to Expect: Expect nothing less than a wet and wild weekend, we guarantee that there is no better way kick off your summer! Fun Awaits…

ï‚· Sailing Races and Sailing Instruction                     ï‚· Boating Triathlon

ï‚· Cardboard Canoe Races                                         ï‚· Paddle-less Canoe races

ï‚· Canoe Tug-of-War                                                  ï‚· Kayak & Canoe Races

ï‚· Water Games




Troop Elections Time

The Order of the Arrow election clock is ticking down and all troops are encouraged to conduct an election for new members.     As needed, Illini Lodge is assisting Scout troops and Varsity teams with the important procedures in the election process. Forms are available at the Camp Drake website under the Illini Lodge tab.


SCOUTMASTERS’ NOTE: The 2016 Spring Fellowship is the last event for elected candidates from 2015 to participate in their Ordeal ceremony.  Please follow up with any outstanding candidates to remind them of this deadline.


Every Troop Needs a Youth and Adult Troop Representative

Ever wonder how we make our lodge so nice and effective? Part of that is due to our Troop Representative system which is headed up by our very own Bryce Vorick. Troop Reps help us communicate to each and every troop throughout our council. You may be asking who these mysterious people are. Well look no further than your fellow arrowmen to find one. Our Troop Reps are ordinary arrowmen doing extraordinary things. If you are interested in becoming a Troop Rep or know of one in your troop, please contact Bryce Vorick at so that we can make sure we have an up-to-date list of Troop Reps to help out our lodge.

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