Summer Camp Fees

The new year means a few “heads-up” are in order for your Scouting schedule.  Here are a few reminders about the important dates to remember for troops attending Camp Drake in 2016.  The first one pertains to the initial deposit due on January 30, 2016 to provide a $10.00 discount to individual Scouts planning to attend this year’s summer camp of the Prairielands Council.   Please use the Transmittal Attendance form from designating the Scouts paying the $25.00 deposit per individual youth.   Each time you make a payment for Camp Drake, please use the Transmittal Attendance form and send it to: Prairielands Council, Box 6267, Champaign, IL, 61826.


Speaking of advancement, after the $25 deposit per Scout is received at the Scout Service Center in Champaign, beginning Feb. 1, 2016, your troop contact person will be e-mailed a username and password to go on-line to sign up your troop for advancement sessions.  On February 2, 2016 on-line merit badge registration opens on our website.   Go to and click on summer camp and then Boy Scout camp.  Continue on to “2016 On-line merit badge registration”.  Put in your username and password and follow the instructions. Remember: Advancement registration opens on-line February 2, 2016. Don’t wait for your shadow!




Klondike Kris Coldstraat is breaking the snow globe and releasing winter weather for the upcoming outdoor fun.  Current powder conditions at Camp Drake are inches of fine, fluffy snow blowing across the sled-racing plateau.  Sir Coldstraat has boldly  released the names of the 12 patrol events, in order to provide a small peek into the big event.  He announced: 

Scouters:  here are the names of our 2016 Klondike Stations

1) Convoy                                            2) Cold Spell

3 )Bold Inferno                                     4) Clove that's Bold

5) Cold Aid                                          6) Secrets Retrieval

7) O.A. Challenge                                8) Round & Round

9) Home Sweet Tarp                            10 ) Surprise

11) Boldly Save                                    12) Texting 


“I encourage all Units to have extra rope other than the 50' called for. Maybe for lashing. Hint   And please bring a compass!  Also watch Youtube How to tie a huge clove hitch around a tree. Double Hint Hint”


Please register your troop’s attendance before the Jan. 22 deadline, in order to properly plan for meal service.  For more info, please review the attachment.



Promote your Unit during Anniversary Week

Promote your pack, troop, or crew this week during the 106th anniversary of the founding of the Boy Scouts of America.  Tell the simple story of Scouting success in your unit with the fun and benefits of the programs for youth and their families.   Use your local media outlets to inform the community about the successful facets of Scouting in your packs, troops, and crews.


Council Candy Sale Around the Corner

The Camp Candy Sale helps provide outdoor experiences for Scouts throughout the Prairielands Council.  This quick and easy fundraising opportunity will begin in February for any unit to help their youth attend summer camping programs.  Here are the top five ways that the Camp Candy Bar Sale provides support for Scouts to enjoy the outdoors in June and July.

  1. Easy selling candy bars raise funds for Scout camping fees
  2. Scouts who sell candy will make an earlier commitment to attend camp, leading your program preparation time.  More preparation means a better outdoor experience.
  3. All candy sales staff members become eligible for council campership funds for additional support for Scouts in need.
  4. A portion of the Camp Candy sales proceeds will support the overall council camping operations,  helping to improve our outdoor facilities.




 “Early Bird” discount expires in one week.  Do you have a Scout (age 14 or older and First Class or higher) or a Venturer who demonstrates leadership, but needs to improve his or her skills?  Would you like to see that “good Scout” become a “great Scout”?  Then get them signed up for National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) before the January 26, 2016 deadline (when the price goes up).  Offered over two weekends at Camp Drake (February 26-28 and March 11-13, 2016), NYLT is the premiere youth leadership development program.  Don’t delay, get your youth leadership signed up today!   See the attached flyer for more information or contact the Course Director, Jim Dieker at


"Please read the attached document regarding the importance of National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) for your unit."




Friends of Scouting

The time for the annual Friends of Scouting family fund-raising campaign has arrived. District Scouters will provide an educational program to packs, troops, and crews to solicit funds for the Prairielands Council. The program highlights the need for financial support of the Boy Scouts of America. Each unit is encouraged to schedule a presentation for their Scouting families this spring. The Family Friends of Scouting campaign is a vital component for strengthening our local council.


District Spring Camporee in May

The Many Trails Spring Camporee will inspire your basic outdoor skills when you find your way to Vermilion County on May 20-22, 2016.   Uncover your Scout skills at the District Spring Camporee at North Fork Lodge near Danville.   For additional information, please contact Camporee facilitator Robert Sloan at




 Klondike Staff Reminder

A majority of the volunteers to help with the 2016 “Bold in the Cold” Klondike Derby are ready to go for the big event on Jan. 30, 2016.   Any troop leaders, parents, or snowmen able to volunteer at a program station are welcome to raise their hand and help each activity go quicker.   To set sail on the SS Snow Globe, contact Admiral Kris Coldsmaack at  or  Text or Call (815) 931-2405.  Remember staff members need to register by contacting Susan at  and the fee for the lunch and staff patch is $5.00. 




Arrow of Light Plaques for Highest Honor Cub Scouts

All Cub Scout pack leaders are encouraged to obtain colorful plaques displaying the name and year of the Arrow of Light recipients recognizing there achievement in earning the highest award in Cub Scouting.  Illini Lodge of the Order of the Arrow has created an impressive framed certificate for all Arrow of Light recipients in the Prairielands Council to be presented at the time of the award ceremony.   Contact Program Clerk Susan Coller at (217) 356-7291, ext. 6441 to obtain plaques for your honored Cub Scouts.


Adventure Camp Castle

Both Adventure camp sessions will follow the theme of “Medieval Times” for enjoying all types of knightly fun events.  Each Cub Scout will experience a wide variety of activities, from aquatics skills to camping games, from nature identification to shooting sports, and have an opportunity to earn awards and badges.  Check out the slideshows of thrills for Adventure Camp at .




Summer Previewed at Klondike Derby

During the SNOW GLOBE excursion at the Klondike Derby, Boy Scout program highlights will be featured for Camp Drake 2016.  Illini arrowmen will be serving up summer camp program information, along with a special show of Camp Hero Rip Studwell.  This sneak peek into the “Dare to Be Prepared” summer will offer advancement details, Vermilion TreX options, and mighty night highlights.





Important Elections for Troops

Whether you plan to conduct the election on your own or bring in assistance from the council, it is important to designate the date of your election and announce it to the unit as early as possible.  Please inform your Scouts early about the date of your OA election, in order for Scouts with the 2nd Class rank to focus on completion of the eligibility requirements. Under the Order of the Arrow link on the Prairielands Council website are the forms and procedures for the successful completion of troop/team elections in the lodge.  All troop/team leaders should review their materials to prepare for the election requirements.   Contact your OA leadership, if you need assistance in conducting the election in your troop/team.  Election consultants are ready to help your troop conduct a successful Order of the Arrow election.  



Troop or Team Representative

Illini Lodge 55 is recruiting youth & adult arrowmen to serve in an important role in the lodge. Order of the Arrow Troop (or Team) Representatives are a youth liaison and his advisor serving between the local O.A. lodge and his unit. The representatives serve as a communication and program link to the unit Arrowmen, as well as adult leaders and Scouts who are not presently members of the Order. They do this in a fashion that strengthens the mission of the lodge and the purpose of the Order. By setting a good example, they enhance the image of the Order as a service arm to the troop or team.

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