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Marion Knight to be the next Wood Badge Course Director

The council training committee is very pleased to announce that Scouter Extraordinaire Marion Knight has agreed to serve as the Director for Prairieland Council's next Wood Badge course slated for 2018. Please congratulate Marion and spread the word about what will be an outstanding experience.




Klondike Kris Coldstraat is breaking the snow globe and releasing winter weather for the upcoming outdoor fun.  Current powder conditions at Camp Drake are inches of fine, fluffy snow blowing across the sled-racing plateau.  Mr. Coldstraat has cold-snapped in releasing the names of the 12 patrol events, in order to provide a small peek into the big event.  He announces: 


Scouters:  here are the names of our 2016 Klondike Stations

1) Convoy                                                            2) Cold Spell

3 )Bold Inferno                                                 4) Clove that's Bold

5) Cold Aid                                                          6) Secrets Retrieval

7) O.A. Challenge                                            8) Round & Round

9) Home Sweet Tarp                                       10 ) Surprise

11) Boldly Save                                                 12) Texting 


“I encourage all Units to have extra rope other than the 50' called for. Maybe for lashing. Hint Also watch Youtube How to tie a huge clove hitch around a tree. Double Hint Hint”


Please register your troop’s attendance before the Jan. 22 deadline, in order to properly plan for meal service.  For more info, please review the attached detailed flyer.



On February 21, come join the VOA at the UI Ice Arena (406 E Armory Ave Champaign, IL) for a fun afternoon of skating! From 1 to 3 p.m. there will be open skating. Then from 3 to 4, you are invited to attend a VOA meeting or to continue skating. General admission costs $5 and skate rental costs $2. Hope to see you there!



Susan will be in the Danville office on the following Wednesdays (weather permitting):

January 13

February 3

February 24

March 16

April 6

April 27

If you need anything brought over from the Champaign office you need to call her at 217-531-0219 or e-mail at  BEFORE Tuesday afternoon at 6:00 p.m.   As always, if you need something any other day, please call Mike at 217-531-0212 or e-mail him at





Reminder:  PF Roundtable is this Wednesday, tomorrow, Jan. 13, 2016 at 7:00pm at the LDS Church on Windsor Rd.  Newcomers are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Bring your JTE questions.  Will also talk about Klondike Derby at Boy Scout session and about Blue & Gold banquets at Cub Scout session.


All unit commissioners, please make every attempt to attend the monthly UC meeting tomorrow Jan. 13, 2016 at 6:00pm at the LDS Church.  If you can’t attend, please send an email describing what is happening with your units by the end of the week to me at  Thank you.


RECHARTER:  Thank you to all the units who have already turned in their signed, paid for re-charters.  Processing has begun and I am very thankful for all the hard work you have been doing on this very important paperwork.  The deadline to turn in re-charters (signed and paid) is THIS FRIDAY.   Thank you in advance for meeting the deadline so that your unit does not lapse and you are not covered by insurance.




Many Trails District Annual Business Meeting

The Annual Business Meeting of the Many Trails District will be held on Thursday, January 14 at the Second Church of Christ in Danville, beginning at 6:30 pm.  All chartering organization representatives, Executive Board members living in the district and current members of the district committee are encouraged to attend and participate in the selection of the District Chair and the District Committee. The purpose of this gathering will be to nominate the volunteers for positions of the Many Trails District Committee, as well as the District Chairman, for service to Scouting in the upcoming year. This group of volunteers will serve for the 2016 year.   Please encourage your unit to send a representative to this 30 minute meeting.




Klondike Derby Sled Race

As the starter yells “GO!” , the reins are tightened and the sled jump forward, racing down the plateau in a flying fury of boots, gloves, and snow.  The annual Klondike Derby sled race is the greatest sporting competition of the Prairielands Council winter event.  This spectacle of speeding Scouts caps a great day of outdoor challenges and team-building events. Don’t miss the Klondike fun at Camp Drake on Saturday, January 30. 


Big Info for Summer Adventure

Vermilion Trex Advisor Dustin Boyer was extremely pleased to roll-out the latest phase of the older Scout programs for Camp Robert Drake.  Check out the new promotional brochure on  The 2016 summer season will feature All-Terrain Vehicles, kayaking trips, motor boating, pistol shooting, and SCUBA diving as part of the Vermilion Trex programs.  The new Vermilion Trex pamphlet is available at the camp website with more details.





Camping Promotional Placemats

Decorate your special banquet in February with Cub Camping Promotional Placemats, designed for the upcoming Blue and Gold season.  Packs from throughout our nine-county council will use the scenes of the outdoors to preview the warm summer fun of Cub Camping. To get your name, logo, and slogan on one of the various sizes of advertisement, contacts Mike Graham at the Raymond Lee Scout Service Center, 217-356-7291, ext. 218.



Adventure Camp Preview

Four days and three nights of Cub Camping thrills will be available for Cub Scouts of all ages this summer throughout the Prairielands Council.  Both Adventure camp sessions will follow the theme of “Medieval Times” for enjoying all types of knightly fun events.  Each Cub Scout will experience a wide variety of activities, from aquatics skills to camping games, from nature identification to shooting sports, and have an opportunity to earn awards and badges.  The Adventure Camp experience allows boys to live and learn the outdoor life in a safe and fun environment.   Check out the slideshows of thrills for Adventure Camp at .


Leadership Needed for Cub Camps

Start planning now to develop a quality summer program for all of the families in your pack.  Select the best type of outdoor excursions for the various experience levels of your pack's adult leaders.  To conduct a successful Cub Scout camping program, volunteer leadership is required on different time frames to make sure that the youth have a safe and enjoyable experience.   Please help educate your pack leadership and parents about all of the various options for outdoor adventure this summer.  Look to plan a summer calendar that will provide simple day events, as well as extended outings and trips, to provide each family a choice for their family schedule.   Most importantly, encourage a variety of leaders to coordinate and prepare administrative details, in order to share the organizational load.  Finally, communicate the plan to all the families as early as possible, to allow time for Cub Scout campers to make their own schedule adjustments and meet financial and/or equipment requirements.


AOL Honors at Boy Scout Camp

For all recipients of the Arrow of Light award in late 2015/ early 2016, Illini Lodge #55 at the welcoming campfire will conduct a special recognition each Sunday of the summer camp at Camp Robert Drake.  As a commemorative honor for achieving the highest rank in Cub Scouting, all Scouts who earned the Arrow of Light this year will be called up on stage during their week of camp attendance.  The first day of summer camp is an important step for a new Boy Scout.  The National Honor Society of Scouting will honor these hard working Scouts for their achievement and challenge them to seek the lofty goals within the Boy Scout program.




Camp Staff Interviews

Any registered Scout, older than age 14 on June 1, 2016, can apply to be a Counselor in Training. Camp Robert Drake is looking for energetic youth to serve as future paid counselors to learn the duties during the 2016 summer. A day of interviews is scheduled for Sunday, January 17 at the Raymond Lee Scout Service Center in Champaign.  E-mail at  to RSVP




Trophy for Top O.A. Troop

A fabulous Table Top Trophy will be presented to Troop 25 for their attendance achievement as a part of the 2016 Winter Banquet at the Beef House in Covington, IN on January 9th, 2016.  The troop from Mahomet, IL had the top total number of arrowmen and their guests with paid registration by noon on Friday, January 8, 2016 Their Cheerful Spirit will be rewarded with a glamorous traveling treasure to display at their meeting place for the upcoming year.  This is a new champion for the Illini Lodge Table Top Trophy.   Congratulations!


Trail Tromp means Spring is Here!

If you think positive, the snow will be gone by then and your hike through the scenic forest will be warm and toasty on the banks of the Salt Fork River.  Blaze the trail through the woods at the annual Trail Tromp hiking day at Camp Robert Drake on April 2th. The Trail Tromp hiking day is hosted by Illini Lodge of the Order of the Arrow for all Scouts and their friends and families.  Everyone has the option to purchase trail memorabilia, depending on their hiking efforts and service options.  No registration is needed, but plan now to march in April.



Don't forget to pay your 2016 OA dues.  They are still just $10 a year!

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